peakseedsbc: has anyone ever had their packaged seized?

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  1. As title said, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience where your order from peakseedsbc were seized by customs?
    I searched all over internet including this forum but found no answer to my questions. I'm just a little bit nervous, still waiting for my package.
    I also want to know how long estimate of the shipping if you live outside US and Canada?
    Thanks guys...I really love this forum I wish I have found it sooner.

  2. I have never had anything seized inside of Canada. However I would imagine that your countrys customs officers may be more strict on importing mail. It is possible for sure, however highly doubtful as their packaging is so inconspicuous. It is literally just a letter.

    How long has it been?
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  3. well its only 5 working days. It was sent last Monday. I think I will have to wait for another week. I estimate if things goes well it should arrive around next week Wednesday.
    I'm just a bit worry because I have two babies growing at the moment. I already took precaution by using fake name but still....
    Hey man.  I'm in the neighboring province over from PeakseedsBC and my most recent package took 8 working days shipped to me(10 days). It could very well take a couple weeks for you. 
    Join us over on the peakseedsbc thread for information and pictures once you get your beans. Cheers!
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  5. Yup I just got mine in Ontario and it took about 7 working days. Don't worry, man. They'll come in, they have the most discrete packaging ever.
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  6. Wait at least 10 business days before panicking. The way it is packaged I can't see customs finding seeds, even if xrayed.

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    thanks guys! I'm just a bit nervous because I never grow and expecting seeds arrival at the same time until this time. Before, I always wait for the seeds and stay clean until the seeds arrive. This will be the last time I'm doing both the same. Next time, I go back to my old method.
    I'm sick of this non sense war of drugs thing...the government in my country just banned the high times website. It only made me more determine to grow.
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    If you have a very trusted friend or family member you can maybe ship the seeds to them?  I have a very trusted friend who receives packages for me. :)  No questions asked.
    Stay safe out there.
    well I used fake name and we lived in house  B&B where people come and go and most of the mails we received, I don't even know their name, so I have alibi. The problem is that I'm growing at the same time :( shit...I will never do this again. I'm on the lookout next week. If I feel something is not right, I just kill the plants.
    The postal service in my country is not as thorough as in the states. but if you get caught, they will reported to the local police. There had been three people sentenced to 4 years in prisons in the past three years in the news.

    In the last couple of days I've been observing around my neighbourhood. Keep eyes open. I will know if undercover cops are around or something like that.
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  10. Just be safe brother
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  11. Fucking prohibition.....
    Honestly breaks my heart people have to grow in fear of being prosecuted for growing a plant that harms no one, in fact heals.

    Good luck man, hope your beans make it to ya

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  12. Agree, I've heard too many times some regular innocent guys went to jail because of seeds. Some seed bank wrap their seeds in t shirt and put it in the brown envelope. Buyers from countries with harsh penalties beware of these seed banks and to the seed banks...if you read this. Stop sending seeds wrap in t shirt. You have got to find a new stealthy way that customs would have a hard time to find those seeds. It doesn't have to be fancy wrap, just be more creative. I myself stop ordering seeds from these companies, not giving out names but you know when you read it.

    These companies obviously didn't put much thought on the safety issue.
  13. I want to thank everyone support. I have received my pack of seeds from peakseedsbc. It really neat and did not stand out suspicious at all. Great job peakseedsbc! I highly recommend to everyone.
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    Glad it made its way to ya brother, best of luck! :)
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  15. I know this is old, just wanted to say congratulations and enjoy growing your PSBC genetics. So far every one I have seen or heard about is a winner. It's great that he isn't always creating new strains. He laid down the groundwork and continues to improve. I believe he has been breeding these strains for upwards of 15 years.
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  16. He's awesome with his work , his work is up there with the best of them and I've never heard anyone complain about his genetics ... I have grown a couple of his and they was AWEESOME .. I think he's best breeder in my opinion
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  17. Took 9-14 days from canada to cali iirc
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