Peaking on shrooms, quick question

Discussion in 'General' started by cryptix420, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Well, I was just wondering if anyone with some experience with mushrooms knows why I keep feeling like I have to piss, but I can't piss?

    Aside from that, my first magical mushroom trip has been absolutely nothing short of life changing.

  2. I have never heard of that happening, but the shroomies can affect you in weird ways. I would try taking a piss and if you cant then just try to ignore it and listen to some intense music.
  3. First of all, i hope you're not spending your first shroom experience sitting at your computer! Go outside, walk around the house, listen to music.

    Anyways, back to your question, the shrooms can make your muscles feel completely relaxed. So it might feel like your pieces parts down there are ready to go to the bathroom, but you actually don't need to go. My buddy thought he shit himself when he was tripping, cause his ass muscles were relaxed and i guess his ass was sweating so it felt warm and moist in his boxers. Those two things combined made him think he shit himself, pretty funny actually.
  4. Lol yeah definitely. How I feel right now is pretty much beyond words.

    Anyway, thanks to the City for always being awesome!

  5. This is actually really helpful, + rep

    Anyway, yeah I just came here to ask about my little problem.

  6. My friend was convinced on two separate trips he pee'd himself and didn't...
  7. It's probably physical interference. During the come-up you can feel really weird, like you have to pee, like you peed yourself, shit yourself, like your skin is sliding off, e.t.c. It usually gets significantly better or goes away entirely once you peak.

    Sending you some good vibes for your trip, and get off the computer and go for a walk!

    Oh yeah: Enjoy your orgasmic yawns..
  8. yeah sometimes when im startin to shrooooom my body does some weird shit.. my legs twitch and i feel kinda twitchy.. my muscles feels a little twacked out and weird.

    and lmao... enjoy your orgasmic yawns...
    awwww man.. gotta love those magical mushroom yawns

  9. Funny, I just asked somebody on shrooms about the yawns...

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