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  1. has anyone ordered seeds from peak seeds?
  2. not me, never heard of them.
  3. true but the more info the better!
  4. i neva heard of them either....
  5. Yea dude... i have grown out Peak seeds BBxNL#5. Very nice indeed. It took them about 2-3 weeks to deliver the seeds but the finished product is very nice. Good yield and very potent weed. I'm about 2 or 3 days from harvesting one plant and it looks like about 3-4 ounces of frosty nugs. Lots of crystals and dense as hell. Go for it. Well worth the price and a very reputable seed bank. Got a good rating on Greenmans Seeedbank Update, which is why I ordered them.
    I was forced to flower my mother plant and give away my clones because some slug broke into my house and robbed me but thats a whole different post and I digress. Bottom line Peak rocks!
  6. sry never heard of peak seeds... not accusing anyone but i wouldnt take a single persons opinoin.... seeds direct and emery have been suscessfull for me.
  7. HIGH All, just fu**ing deleted everything I just typed when I went to take a look a pic I was going to post *LOL*. is good by me. Their stealthy shipping is done just like All the other major seed banks I have dealt with over the years.

    Received 30 seeds of NL#5XBB and 30 seeds of Texada Timewarp. It took a week, I had it sent to a VERY GOOD BUDdy who lives close by. Thank you All at and I'll be sending my comments to the e-mail provided.
    Ops Almost forgot to mention the NL#5XBB on the right is untested.

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  8. HIGH All, planted two of each and All sex er I mean six germed and are in soil. Pictures of the little ones coming soon.
  9. If Unoit will vouch for them, then they are a good company.
  10. HIGH All, All six popped up and tommorow they will go into there new homes.
    Came home Friday to find out my good BUDdy phoned and he had something for me. Johnnyreeferseed had come though again. Must have been one of the last to get a confirmation #. Seed Requests Temporarily Halted on his site. He'll be back in action soon enough.

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  11. HIGH All, MJ from Peak seeds what us to do a test grow for them so he sends us 10 Northern Lights#5 and 10 Blueberry which will go into water tonight.

    The NL#5XBlueberry we recieved from him is a nice strain that has a nice buzz to it.

    Keep you All updated.

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  12. HIGH All, ya it was ok....when you have a plant like our White Bud it's hard to find a better one....I pollinated one plant to get seeds and will start germing them for outdoors this spring.
  13. Hey me and my couple friends try order from him SB NB 5 weeks ago and nothing i try send him couple emails nothing ..This fucker is just bullshit dont order from him .....:mad:
  14. Ordered from peak seed had no problems at all. The mailing was very stealthy, had a good female to male ratio for skunkberry of 10 females to 2 males the blueberry ratio was 9 females to 3 males. Good genectics, frosty nugs and A1 high. Found a blueberry that didnt go thru all those mutation while growing. Thanks peak you came thru for me. oleschool
  15. I had a similar bad experience with Peak Seeds a couple years ago. Won't order from them again.
  16. There are two Peak Seeds: and

    PeakBC says they used to have domain until their host made it too miserable so they changed websites and that someone took over their former domain warns that whoever has the old site might be using bogus testimonials and kept the look of their website and to be careful. I have heard good things about peakseedsbc but I don't know. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that there is a difference between the two sites.

    So, if you had a good, or bad, experience, was it through or
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    Hey folks...sorry to hear these negative posts, but its bound to happen with so many challenges with all of this...but hearing we're bs is bs in itself. We pioneer customer service so if you've not gotten ahold of us we urge you to do so as we don't have a huge online presence. If you think you get spam and have challenges on your side you should see what we go through =) ...We go above and beyond to satisfy as we're only in business to make happy, repeat customers at prices that just make sense.

    No one gets a 4.5 star rating on (a site made by you, the consumer, rating online seedbanks) without sending excellent genetics, and countless customer accolades only back what I type. We've been at this for almost 10 years with genetics from the founders of the industry. Those who know know!

    Additionally, please be aware is a scam. We let the domain go well over a year ago as we had nothing but problems with the host and someone is now trying to capatialize on it. Buyer's beware!

    We're ...Cheers! MJ
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  18. The only thing I would add to what peakseads.bc said is that there are no strain reviews or anything for Any reviews you see for is probably a year or more old and regards the outfit that is now peakseeds.bc. No, I'm not a schill for peakseeds.bc I've just been scouring the net trying to find the strains I like and reading reviews. I came on to their site thanks to seedbankupdate and am interested in their strains.

    But in searching I also stumbled on to I started looking for reviews and grow reports on their strains and have not found anything at all and I'm pretty good at scouring the net. As good as their strains sound I would be very suspicious until someone you know actually gets seeds. My concern is just that it could be a trap. Not meaning to disparage what could be a quality provider just that it seems strange they have no reviews or grow reports on their strains anywhere. At this point I most def would not be sending and envelope with my mailing address.
  19. i think that link to the seedbank rating is BS...
    they got seedbanks that aint even in business no more.
  20. bah! a cynic in every crowd...obviously you've never tried us, however, you're entitled to your opinion. Its main purpose is that its a site made by the consumer rating online seeds not a seebank boasting about themselves. If you have oher links that do the same service we'd appreciate them. Its given us nothing but support for almost 10 years and there's only one link not working. Its far from BS :rolleyes:
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