Peach or Banana?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 20, 2002.


What tickles your fancy .. uh tastebuds?

  1. Peaches!

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  2. Bananas!

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  3. Peaches & bananas for me!!

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  1. Whats your pleasure?

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  2. that picture is sooo wrong :)
  3. I couldnt choose between peaches and bananas. They both tickle my fancy, just in different ways. LOL.
  4. either this is a dirty metaphor or you're stoned again...
  5. I voted peach. peaches and bananas taste equally well so I had to use alittle tie breaker. Anything with fake banana flavor is nasty so peach gets my vote.
  6. haha... mustn't mention banana eating mustn't mention banana eating as a reference to axl rose... Damn I just did...

  7. haha...wheres adam G at?
  8. bananas r better than peaches because bananas make u happy. they contain seratonin. but i felt sorry for the peach... so i voted for both.
  9. i eat a bananna every mornin w/ my peanut butter toast if i go a couple of days w/out a bannana i feel realy weird , its just wrong to eat something w/ fuzz on it tehee!!!
  10. I like both... but I eat bananas more, because peaches are all messy........

    I'm sure this is a metaphor....

    Banana = Penis
    Peach = Vagina????

    You wanna know our sexuality!!! Just ask man!


    I just laughed histerically (sp?)...LMAO

    horny j/p
  12. I voted for bananas and peaches.

    I like bananas more but I really dig peaches!

  13. i take it your a pretty straight foward kind of person? uh..take it for what you will ;) im just having fun
  14. dont you all see this thread makes perfect sense

    peaces OR bananas

    ya know
  15. peaches rule. bananas's consistency grosses me out unless they're barely ripe, still green.

    i love peaches
  16. A friend of mine is getting me a bottle of pear brandy, ummm i know its not peach or banana but thats not the point. It's some good stuff, really smooth and strong as fuck.
  17. lol .."but thats not the point"
    i dunno why, but overgrow, you just made me smile this morning..put me in a smiling kinda mood hehe ;) :D
  18. green bannanas are the only way to go. i have a good freind he works at walmart in the produce section hell go to the back & get me green bannanas, he left orders to the other guys that work w/ him to get me green banannas when i ask . it pays to have freind in high places !!!!
  19. If it looks like a golf ball, and feels like a golf ball, and tatste like a golf ball, it must be an Alabama peach.

    Homemade banana pudding that is warm and a few days old, big old banana splits from Sonic Drive-in, and my favorite a peanut butter and banana sandwich just like the King, Elvis Presley ate cannot be beat!
  20. oh god. ugh :blah ugh, Ew eW Ewie EWiE eeeeeWEEEE Blahblhahllhlallglg to banana pudding. my grandmom made that for me and a friend one night. Jebus. first off, the bananas, were practically in the trash with flys eating through the skin. so she makes pudding with them (thats an old fashioned "dont throw away ANY food" kinda banana puddin makin grandma for yea)
    we couldnt eat it let alone be in the same room with it, so we fed it to the dog outside...Which turned out to be another mistake....

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