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!~~~ Peace's Pick-ups ~~~!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by peace&420, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. #1 peace&420, Jun 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2009
    Hey Grasscity, for the last couple weeks of summer I've ben collecting pictures of some of the buds I've been ejoying and im deciding to share them with the city. I would love to hear criticim and your thoughts on the bud. i live in St. Charles Il but the majority of my pick-ups i go to Chicago for.

    I would like to start out with a solid strain of Juicy Fruit.


    This is a Strong Indica and smelled like a skunk died through a bag and a tupaware.

    9/10 smooth hits with A-lot of kick great pick up worth the 50 and eighth.

    Next strain is some FLAME ASS HIGH quality dro.


    This is with out a doubt the best Non-Name brand dro i have ever smoked.

    9/10 Sativa

    Next up is some Afgan Kush i picked up on my last day of school.


    Comparable to the Juicy Fruit Thick Skunk smell. Impossible to hide.

    9/10 Indica

    Some normal Dro i picked up locally


    7/10 Normal dro nothing special loved the taste kind of like skittles.

    Some more local dro i picked up a half for 160$


    7.5g Nug


    the whole half

    Next up is some crazy ass sativa.


    i smoked a couple bowls of this shit and felt like i was at a rave.

    8/10 had that fruity sativa taste good smoke.

    This next stuff had Trichs the size of salt grains.

    3.5g Nug
    7.8g Nug
    10/10 when i broke this nug down my Fingers were covered in salt sized Trichs

    Some dank i picked up from the east side HIGH Quality Dro.


    9/10 STICKY flame sativa high.

    This next stuff is apparently a strain called Sage. The dealer was kind of sketchy so i only bought a gram to test it out. If anyone for sure knows this is not Sage let me know. heres the pics.

    9/10 regardless of the name this was some flame had a comparable high to the second weed posted just not as strong.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GLASS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE TWO DANKEST WEEDS SO FAR!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I can't chose a winner so i was hoping you guys would help me.

    Heres some purple Princess that put me on my ass.


    This shit was almost completly green on the outside and when i broke the nug in half the inside was completely Purple i wish i took some pics of the inside but i smoked the shit out of it before i could get the chance.

    Next up is some shit i picked up yesterday and blew my mind. White Kush from Chi-town


    stoned is not even close to how fucked i was when i smoked this. i was obliterated. i have been smoking weed on a daily basis for about a year now and i'm at that point where it's not getting stoned it's getting normal. when i hit this shit i was as stoned as the first time i smoked dro.

    by this wendnesday im getting in some frankenberry and some great white shark they will most likly be added to the dankest weed section but if anyone knows these strains a headsup about them would be nice. Thanks for reading my thread i hope you enjoy looking at my pick-ups and have some constructive critcizm for my buds. have a nice day!!:bongin:
  2. Awsome stuff bro!!! Loving the bowls too.
  3. Woah, amazing bowls. How much were those pipes?

  4. i would say the white kush is my vote.. if you were a dealer i would get that over everything :) but nice buds btw
  5. the biggest pipe was 105$
    the white pipe is 40$
    the little red & blue one was 15$
    the bubbler was 25$
    the zong was 165$ for the bong plus 35$ 1 gram slider but since i bought it with a gas mask i got it all for 120$
    the little blue and black one was 20$
    and the rastafarian one was 55$

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