Peaceful Music While Sleeping High

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  1. Anybody know some really peaceful and soothing music to listen to while trying to sleep? I've been having a harder time to sleep at night while high so do you guys recommend any kind of incense or music that is really soothing?
  2. slightly stoopid-closer to the sun (album and song)
  3. Bonobo is great ambient music. Highly recommend. No pun intended.
  5. look up Darkened Pines on bandcamp or soundcloud.
  6. Mystonedmind, great fucking playlist, slightly stoopid is amazing
  7. Biosphere
    Flying lotus
    Bryan eno
    Isaiah rashad
    J dilla
    Mr carmack
    Anahata sadhana (richy hyliger pheno earth shaman anja ect)

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  8. Nature.  Rain and thunderstorms really relax me.
  9. only use incense in a well ventilated area,
    and what your looking for is called ambient/chill out/downtempo
    i can try to help
    aes dana
    air - space maker - le femme de argent
    alexandra hampton - 90 west
    all india radio
    blank and jones - relax
    carbon based lifeforms - album twentythree
    cinema 33 - solar sail
    d. batistatos - just the sea - under pressure
    deborah martin and eric wollo - between worlds
    deep dive corp. - lucsus
    eastern sun - in a sense / rapture at sea / dawn
    fc kahuna - hayling
    jens buchert
    krusseldorf - forest fever
    the lushlife project - budapest eskimos
    max melvin - sometimes
    nacho sotomayor - after the rain
    phaeleh - afterglow
    prefuse 73 - storm returns
    rocket empire - beijing - cruising the galaxy
    ruxpin - lullably
    sunlounger - white sand - lumumba
    sysyphe - sinking - handfasting
    if you dig any of that, get back at me, i got a grip of shit like this
    also, check out this guys channel on youtube for good chillout,
  10. Attila. Your welcome
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    Piano always does it for me.

    Press play on that video, dim the lights down low, rest your head down on the soft, cool pillow, close your eyes, and drift into the blissful world of slumber.
  12. Maybe you're smoking a more sativa sided strain, but...

    Nature is very relaxing (rain and waterfalls) so are binural/isochronic beats (look up isotones)
  13. 1968- Anthem of the Sun album by the Grateful Dead. It was like their second or so album...super mellow and relaxing trippiness. If you're a weirdo like me, listen to the black metal band Burzum's ambient works, which are basically repetitive, medieval sounding melodies in MIDI. There is a 20 minute track on Burzum's Filosofem album that will give you weird dreams. Have fun! 
  14. Nirvana unplugged album.

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  15. freaking Enya bro!!! Love her stuff

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