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  1. there's been alot of fighting and namecalling recently around here. We should all let more things slide. peace to all.
  2. :)
    peace and love, man.
  3. So long:wave:

    Toke it easy:smoke:
  4. Haha, all these people with thousands of posts leave and then two weeks later... some kid with 45 expects us to all feel bad that hes leaving. He hasnt even been here for 2 months!
  5. Well, I had planned to take a small break earlier, but i never went through with it for personal reasons. I don't know if this kid really is leaving, but hey, GC is a family, and it's a shame to see anyone go, he just doesn't have as much acknowledgement. If you are leaving, good luck, but you don't know what it was like 'back then' before the fighting, so how are you saying "latley", if anything, things have CALMED down.


  6. He's been here since march 2005 not 2006. He's been here for a year apparently
  7. well there have been alot of dumbass posts latley..

    like lets see.. minor recap of some i rember..

    'oo im ognna go smoke resin' post was lame
    someone called RMJL a retard .. who calls a mod a retard (or dumbass idk ..)
    i saw another post about smokin nyquil.. :(

    the list goes on
  8. ...Yeah i saw that thread, it lowered my IQ just by reading it.

  9. One cup of coffee and I'll go... (much love to Bob Marley)
  10. peace out bro.....come back when ou feel like it we will still be here
  11. Is he leaving or asking for peace? im lost :smoke:

    If your leaving Peace out :wave:

    If it was about people being peaceful then I agree.

  12. i saw that thread and thought it was a joke at first.. after i read into it i almost cried that someone would bealive something like that.... however i dont remeber if i posted in it or not... haha

    and AFD isnt the only one who claimed they were leaving then 3 days later we see posts from them(*cough wykid cough*). make me happier to see them still here.
  13. Yea im not sure, I thought he was just talking about all the hate and people need to chill out, If so yea i agree every one needs to chill, If your leaving C ya.
  14. Yea, and I saw some kid the other day talk about how stealing meds from their grandparents are okay.
    After al, their harmless- the doctor's never going to accuse them of abusing pills.
    Kay, jp. Anyways.

    Bye. :wave:
  15. haha i laughed when i saw that... who the fuck does that? "hey grandmas sleeping, lets go through her medcine, i mean candy cabinet and see what surprises lie in there!"
  16. Correction, I said I was leaving, if you read the thread, you will see where Indy and RuMJiL talked me into staying. I also have a bunch of PM's from members who didn't want me to go, thus, why I'm here today.

  17. i dont want you going either... theres alot of people i dont wanna see leave that have been on the verge...

    trust me man.. were happy your still here :hello:
  18. i'm not leaving man, sorry for the unclear wording. just stating we should all just chill out. its dumb to take anything to seriously. but did someone seriously say they were going to smoke nyquil? cause i'm sorry but thats the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.

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