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  1. This poem is about being at peace with the earth.. and how nature heals me when I'm down. Anyone else find nature to have this ability?


    in summer rain in the depths of forests
    where chaotic human activity seldom stirs,
    we find ourselves oblivious to age
    for time is kept only in your mind here.

    accepting what we see as earth
    and earth is the greatest solid truth,
    meld into the mother with abandon child
    as a distant harmony graces the sky.

    through your touch expell your pain
    for the earth to carry your greatest gift,
    she will exchange the splendid warmth
    of time and wisdom and life and death.

    nothing.. heals.. like you..
    nothing.. is anything.. when i'm with you..
  2. elektrabliss.............Well spoken!!!!! The wonders of the earth can give a person a natural catharsis that can not be surpassed by anything else. To feel at one with nature is knowing you are part of something even greater and more powerful. Everything in nature gives off such positive energy!!!! If only a person would take the time to tune in and listen, he or she would be blessed with a great spiritual lesson. I feel so at home in the woods........that's why I could never move to a big city. The rustling of leaves in fall, the thunderstorms of spring, the blooming of delicate flowers............all of this is what makes life precious. Nothing makes me happier than smoking a good bowl and just sitting out in the warm summer rain watching nature heal and nurture itself. It lets me know that I too can heal myself if I only look within.
  3. Hey that's really awesome. I live in a city-fied country town area (1.5 hours from Sydney). I'm still at school and trying to decide whether to go city or country when I finish. There are things about the city which appeal to me.. but I think I'll always long for the country at heart (and there is some incredibly beautiful country in Australia) :) - my dad lives south, on 30 acres of awesome land in a mountainous area. It's so good, but the city has University.. clubs.. culture. Hmmm hard to decide. When smoking weed I'm all for the country though. hehe go hippies, go my guitar, go trees go Led Zeppelin man it's all good

  4. What can I say? LOL. I'm a hippy at heart!!!!! I was born at the wrong time but being at one with nature is something that I can't put into words to truly express how it feels. I can see the appeal of big city life but if you keep the country at heart, then it will always be close.
  5. i know what flowerchild420 means by being born at a different time yet living a hippy-way
    i was born at a different place and time
    when i find a cool way to live and think:
    AND i found lots of other people on the net with similar beliefs...the hippies!

    knowing that there are other people in our world who thinks like i do gives me a lot of comfort...
    especially since (it seems like) no-one in my immediate surroundings *think* similar to me.

    i know a lot of other open-minds but they are so heavily "influenced" by their society, that they lose *themselves*, and adopt a not-so-innerpeace-filled lifestlye.

    i can't be anyone but me, i like the hippy-thoughts because they are all for by yourself.
    and we think alike on similar stuff like:

    so keep the *mind*

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