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  1. How come people can't just chill the fuck out. How come people always have to be bossin other people around? Like i don't understand why people can't calm down and let people be themselves? It seems like all these uptight mother fuckers know how to do is fuck with other people. I bet if there was just 1 day of peace, no wars, no crime, no one bossin people around, just complete peace for one day we could accompolish more than we have in the last 500 years.

    Feel free to post any thoughts about that...
  2. Each of us a minuscule part in an infinitely complex web of cause and effect. The truth is, whether it sounds fair or dreamy or not, that for a large part we are NOT in control of ourselves.

    Our circumstances, genetic pre-dispositions (hormonal levels, fluctuations, etc), and the chain of thoughts that result from our circumstances, are largely not under out control.

    Every person is the "best" version of themselves at any given time. Anyone else, if hypothetically, was put in their place, under the same circumstances, same biological predispositions, would have the same thoughts and react in the same way.

    However irrational and senseless what most people do almost all the time is, it is rational to them at that point - a choice "rational" to them as an echo of their emotional history and present emotional state at the time.

    Ultimately all souls find their way through this web of cause and effect to sense and liberation. There is little true "choice" or "free will" in the matter - all our choices are emotionally charged, and as a result of our experiences. The retort "ive been through alot of shit and I dont act like some of the criminals whove gone through the same shit" does not truly stand - you did not go through the same shit, just what seemingly was a similar circumstance. Your experiences BEFORE that affect how you experienced that experience at that time and how much it impacted and altered you - your biological and karmic dispositions are not the same.

    I will not say there is "no free will", it is too much of a statement to make, but until one is liberated from ones compulsive thought stream and emotional fluctuations through enlightenment, there is next to no free will - only cause and effect.
  3. So your saying that no matter what we do we end up in the same place?
  4. We live in a world where 2 and 2 make 5 and not enough people question why.
    There are too many inconsistencies in the validity of many of people's opinions but that doesn't stop them from being loud and opinionated. Self appointed protectors of the status quo, whether they know it or not. These people are keeping the idea that war is ever acceptable a valid opinion. The suppression of ego dissolving drugs and the antagonizing of their users is another factor.

    Just a brainstorm.
  5. I know exactly what you mean man.

    and theses one word to sum up why people are like this:


    Everything a man does he pretty much does in the attemp to look big in front of a woman. Its such a primal instinct.

    Societies become like a fucking hive-mind to fufill their inner animal.

    Big guy in the club chooses to punch a guy talking to his girlfriend is like a wolf attacking the young upriser in the pack.

    Im not saying that women have nothing to do with the state that the world is in but i don't understand them so i wont go anywhere near that:rolleyes:

    Its fucked up.
  6. Scarcity is no longer a factor in this new technologically infused world. We have enough resources and money to go around many times. I don't think that a human's hate or violence is natural unless they are in a desperate situation, think of the pissed off to the point of being radical Palestinian people using guerrilla warfare in the form of bombings to protest the Israeli occupation.

    People ARE however very corruptible.
  7. There's always enough room for Virtue.
  8. [​IMG]




    "Nature teaches more than she preaches. There are no sermons in stones. It is easier to get a spark out of a stone than a moral."

    ~John Burroughs~
  9. What I am saying is we have little control over what we do. Eventually, in some life, we find ourselves getting closer to sense and liberation. One day we find ourselves liberated from cause and effect, and then and only then are we free to make choices, when we are no longer slaves to compulsive thought and emotions that are fuelled by cause and effect.
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