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  1. If the whole world smoked a joint at the same time there would be peace for at least 2 hours

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  2. If weed was actually accepted in society, people could actually learn that it's a great incredible herb that makes you feel good and creative. If we all smoked at once I can see peace there. 
  3. Not everyone. There's some people who are allergic, some people who straight up don't like the feeling of being high, and there's also people who get really anxious when they smoke. So for those people it would not be peace, instead fuckin' torture.
  4. Why aren't gangs so peaceful then?
  5. If you're of a wicked disposition by nature, then weed aint going to stop that.

    In fact they would prolly put more thought into devious ways to harm people lol

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  6. Restriction of an illegal substance isn't the catalyst for corruption and murder in the world. Weed is not the solution to complex issues- it's a tool that can be instrumental in positively effecting said issues, but nothing more. Stop romanticizing.
  7. Not neccesarily. I think the leader of North Korea would say fuck it and launch nukes.
  8. A guy can dream

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  9. Dreams are why reality is ethically and structurally fucked. Too many people seeking optimism instead of direct results that could be achieved by tangible studies, social experiments, or positive reformation in legislation. Because of "dreams", peace is such an alien concept that war and imperialism always seem like much more viable options that require less time and effort.
  10. Everytime i see that tit on the telly I laugh.

    Man him and his old man, are prolly the least threatning dictator's ever seen lol

    Fucking idiots!

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  11. your wrong the reason that happens is because of people like you who don't dream and believe enough that's why the population is weak.

    because they allow themselves to get beat down to easily. if people started being positive and have faith that if people see how they are it will rub off on them. We need to be more optimistic that's why Martin Luther King preached what he dreamed he dreamed that one day no matter what race you are, shape you are you live each other and work together to make the world a better place in order to progress we have to dream because it brings belief.

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  12. Weed can make you relaxed enough to sleep, or, relaxed enough to plan your next murder.

    Depending on the person weed isn't always a holy grail.

    It might be a doorway to hell.

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