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PEACE or WAR. put to the vote.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Mar 11, 2003.


War or Peace

  1. Lasting peace. maintained through diplomacy and the global goal of unity through diversity.

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  2. Wars to acheive political, ecconomic or religious goals used as the tool to ensure breif periods of

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  3. Don't care. just don't let me suffer. Drop a nuke on my head if you want, at least i wont

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  1. i know there's been loads of threads on this topic but i don't think anyone put a poll on it, (not that i could find anyway).
  2. I'm pretty sure most people are going to be against the war as we all smoke weed. I'm guessing for the most part we're more liberal and cooler than the hicks posting on the George w Bush forum. Like ive always said "Bongs not Bombs, Dank not tanks" Actually i just made that up. Pretty cool huh? You guys can all use that now. ENJOY!!!!
  3. hehe nice saying.
    n i agree..

    peace not greed
  4. i am for the war against iraq. When people like sadaam keep making weapons that are illegal and you tell him to stop for yrs and yrs and he never does theres only one other way to stop him, go to war with him.

    I have faith in our government that if a war happens they will do their best to make sure it is over as quickly as possiable so the number of inocent iraqi lives lost is very low. Most people in the know are saying we could win a war with iraq in about 12 hours if we wanted to so im not too worried about a war with iraq.

    When peace talks continue to fail over and over and over again and you have someone like sadaam who refuses to follow the laws of the world there is really no other option than to use force to obtain peace. Unfortunitly to obtain peace you have to take out evil people for that to happen.
  5. i just want them to end all the drama.... :(
  6. Personally I just want us to fuckin hurry up with it and bomb

    their asses and get what we have to get done done

    with.. :smoke: :smoking: :D
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    one of the people that think Iraq bombed trade center!
  8. to all those ppl who support war let me just say you HONESTLY believe the US doesn't have chemical & biological weapons too, not to mention more nukes than 3/4 of the world combined? Please, like our govt gives a fuck about international law…

    don't get me wrong this is a great country and it always will be, the problem is that it's currently being run by a bunch of manipulative and greedy oil barons (as it was during the late 80s and early 90s)

    oh and BTW hussein *is* a coward and a homocidal maniac no doubt about that...but how can we help the people of Iraq be free if we're the ones killing them too, just run him out of the country and assasinate his ass (which isn't as easy as it sounds but still doesn't require a fucking war)

  9. its not that which would cost us american lives, but the time we are there, occupying the country, setting up the new governemtn..the terroristic attacks that will take place on the embassies and soldiers there, and also on our soil...thats what we need to worry about.
  10. im not sure if the number of years are correct teacher told that since history has been recorded 10 years have not passed with peace in the world. so if we goto war with iraq and after its over and ten years pass there will another war within that ten years. there are always countrys, governments, different groups with different belifes always fighting for different and sometimes the same reason(s).
  11. name one thing (white rabbit only please) that Iraq or hussien have done to America.
  12. I think a certain amount of military pressure can nudge peace into the area. I'm for war, as long as we get Saddam and split Iraq into three countries with borders corresponding to the spread of differing cultures. Install democratic governments in these countries and we are just about finished up. Of course there should be continuing aid after the fact. I don't know, just my thoughts on the matter. Wouldn't be quite as easy as that, but I'm pretty sure that we could do it with out an major issues. Maybe a generation of resentment, but if we contribute our fair share to the betterment of the world, nothing bad should come of it. Man, I just sat here staring my screen for the last ten minutes. Awesome.

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