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  1. Peace of mind came when I discovered that all those little things I worried about were unimportant. Most of human tragedies are about losing a couple or losing a job or money concerns. I had all of them. Money: I gained peace of mind when I discovered money was not real. If you take money and remove its ability to be exchanged for goods, world economy becomes an online video game played at bank servers, and your money is a score, like Pacman score. Do we rely on that number to be alive? Yes. Is it the center of my mission in life? No. I will be given what I need to fulfill my mission in life: opportunities.

    Losing a job: I thought I was losing a job, and I was gaining freedom. Unemployment comes when you lack peace of mind so you need to "build" a temple at home to regain peace, and once you overcome that lack of peace and sense of false loneliness and you get in touch with the divine part of you, you will get a job.

    Losing a couple: It hurts. But I discovered that the fairy tale of "they were happy ever after" is a fairy tale. In real life it is about doing your best to grow together and support each other and see what life has for you.

    Harassment: It gives you power. The moral debt the harassers have to repay becomes moral authority. Harassers earn hell, a very special hell on Earth (I had the chance to know about the misfortune of those who harassed me) but that's not my problem. What happened is that after being harassed people started to believe in me, so I better make a good use of that power. While being an average Joe, I have met VIPs many people would only dream of. And still I am an ordinary 21st century man. It is just extraordinary and weird at the same time. I have tried to provide them ideas to make this world better under wraps, and I have seen how this world is handled behind scenes.

    One strange thing I have noticed is that when I feel sad, my words said in past days seem to influence people. It is very strange. So it is like depression comes at the time when the waves of my message are changing the world. I learned that if you give good, life will bounce it back on you. And it gives me peace of mind.My negative beliefs existed because I blamed myself for many things, and I just needed to forgive myself, to become my friend, and gain the positive things that would help me to achieve my mission in life. In my case this mission is "to change the world". Everyone's mission is different. When you everyone finds what the mission is, some sort of peace comes, because you gained a sense of direction and you find that negative beliefs are entertainment and distractions, diverting you from your real mission.
  2. About 20 years ago, just before I left for Israel, the circumstances of my life were pushing me to do something different. I'd lost my job, was about to walk away from my home (would've lost it anyway), let go of my friends, family, etc. When somebody I knew, looking at my life from his perspective, asked me a question based on how he saw me.

    "How can you be so calm when everything is falling apart around you?" He said. I just replied: "It's not falling apart, it's changing." A few weeks later I was gone.

    If I'd seen things his way, and perhaps telling me this was his way of making me see it this way, I might've felt very different. But in seeing it the way I did, it gave me a sense of peace about the way things were, that allowed me to leave looking forward when the time came (I didn't know I was going to Israel when he asked this question) and not look back.
  3. Thy say the only way to figure out you and what you truly want is to get away from everyone and everything. For your influences be obsolete you will acquire your natural self. Some day I wish to just take off and go and explore and have a exciting journey. But for now it's only a fantasy.

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