Peace Corps Experiences?

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  1. Anyone volunteered for Peace Corps? I'm seriously considering it...seems like an incredible way to make a difference. One of the ways you can help is by being an environmental volunteer, doing things like forestry, soil conservation, alternative energy, etc. I just graduated with a Horticulture degree and want to join the Forest Service at some point, and people who have volunteered with Peace Corps get non-competitive selection for government jobs like veterans do. I would only be away for 27 months, starting with three months of training and then two years of volunteer work. I've heard both good and bad things about it...what do you all think? Experiences?
  2. I have no experience but I gota say this sounds freakin awesome..I'm jealous!
    ud be living the ultimate dream,u should def go for is to short,when u die an get that last flash of ur life before ur eyes..u want it to be awesome! always follow ur dreams..where ever they may take u :]
  3. I was kinda thinking about peace corps too, hopefully we get to hear some experiences
  4. won't really help much in the long run. the earth will continue to be polluted instead of the use of alternate energy sources which are less destructive towards the environment because it's part of the money game. gas and oil produced and burned for profit based on scarcity is a huge contribute. that's why electric cars are so god damn expensive
  5. I've been strongly considering this for two years now..I may actually do it...

  6. At least they are finally here. Very soon the prices will come down. I give it 20 years or less until people realize, the newer generations will drive'em.
    It's just like 3D TV's or LED TV's, remember 3 years ago? They were really fucking expensive. But now they cost almost as much a 'regular' TV's.

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