Peace Brother.

Discussion in 'General' started by DailyDealer, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So my brother is 18 now. 1 year younger then me, and he got mixed up his last year of high school. so now he is going to job corp in Anaconda, Montana to get his GED,Diploma and CDL license in heavy machinery, all though i am super happy he is fixing this all. i will miss him since he will be so far away i am in Washington.

    All we can do is email, i can't Skype him, text him or call him. so that will be hard to. i will only see him 6 weeks in a whole 3 years. i know i sound like a pussy but i am going to have to smoke a couple bowls before i go just so i know i can keep it together, ya know cause its my little brother leaving.

    I know you all probably don't care i just wanting to let you all know that tonight at 3 AM in the morning PST i will be going with him to the air port to say good bye till Christmas.

    I will miss you bro :(
  2. my sister is moving back with me after 2 years of being gone for college. and my other one moved across the country
  3. i hate it lol. i am glad for him but it still sucks for me so i am a good solid 9 and vi sine so i am ready!
  4. That sucks. Three years will go by a lot faster than you expect though so I wouldn't try to stress it too much
  5. yeah no worries. eventually you guys will move away from each other but you guys will always be close if you make effort to stay close
  6. Yea my little bro is growing up so fast :(

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