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  1. My life philosophy is that spirituality is a lie that people use to con gullible and emotional people. My belief is that we should trust science for answers and that spirituality is dangerous. However, empathetic spirit is good. Smoking weed and sharing life stories and views with no fear of hatred. Keeping an open mind and connecting to the world through open minded empathy. I mean like rolling up a joint a hanging out with that really weird person no one talks to and getting know him/her and no matter how weird their life story is, just keep an open mind. So instead of relying on the supernatural for deep connection to life, you rely on an open mind and selfless mindset. Anyone else relate?
  2. I sort of have the view that rationality itself, science included, are a result of the unanswerability of spiritual questions. So in a sense, all the things people look to for answers are just a reaction to a kind of question that it sort of feels good to run from. Questions that can't be answered like what happens when you die? Why can't you live forever? Where did all this shit originate? Is the concept of origination one that's just a paradoxical manifestation of the limitations of what we can percieve through the senses?

    No one fucking knows.

  3. I think we all do, but we deny it. Its all random, there is no purpose other than making something of right now. Consciousnesses is an accidental spark and just part of a chain of events. Some day that spark and chain die, so right now all we can do is do what makes us happy and keeps us from worrying about death.

  4. This is a good post.
    I like your perspective.
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    I think that life is a journey to the self and it shouldn't matter how someone else gets there. I have no precedence to judge how others believe they can get there or to where ever they believe they might be journeying to. Who am I to judge someone who uses "spirituality" to keep them happy and from worrying about death? Maybe an open mind and a selfless mindset are key to opening doors to the supernatural?
  6. Nawh spirituality isn't a lie but was mans true nature. Science(man) has driven that out of society today I don't wanna go in on this but everyone is entitled to their opinion

  7. no, see I respect that. I've blazed with ultra Christians before. I'm just talking about my personal philosophy, i'm not close minded to others. I was more ofj sut wondering if anyone could relate, or just peoples personal philosophy in general even if its the opposite.

  8. i think you are misusing spirituality, and mean religion.

    you don't even need a god to be spiritual

  9. Well, no I mean spirituality. Like horoscopes and mind readers. Stuff that involves a separate part of us that is not physical or metaphysical. A second state of existence. What i'm saying is that when people try to convince me something can't be explained through science, I disagree.
  10. My spirituality is all based on metaphysical connection.. Everything is controlled naturally through metaphysical laws.

  11. well 800 years ago a lot less was explained by science. It's hardly fair to say anything unproven by science is not true.

    spirituality is like... a middle path between religion and philosophy. a lot of it doesn't really have to do with science. and a lot of times science points in the direction of a spiritual belief. I would much prefer to eliminate christianity, judaism, maybe islam but i like it, and leave the others and leave spirituality.

    those are the suckers that cause the real problems.

    never heard of a Jain blowing up an abortion clinic

    never heard of a fortune teller who wanted the apocalypse (though im sure they exist)

    i think we just need to teach philosophy, skepticism and secularism more in schools and let it work its self out, promoting peaceful spirituality that doesn't reject science.

    nah mean?
  12. Spirituality does not = positing a "second state of existence."

    Assuming that all of those who hold what you would call spiritual beliefs (though I still don't think you're using the word in the way that I would) are "relying on the supernatural for deep connection to life" is dangerously egocentric.

  13. how? I don't think any greater being gives a shit about me. well maybe i wouldn't be considered spiritual. what do you think the definition of spiritual should be?

  14. I have a gift, well I call it a gift. I can read auras. It tells me your emotive and physical 'signature'. It tells me a lot more about you than what I would know from simply meeting you. How? Why me? Is it real? Are you not able to see that?Good questions, I've pondered on it for years. I've been my worst skeptic. Honestly, I wish science would hurry up and explain this so that others can learn how. It's pretty cool.

    In the end you will find that science and spirituality merge.

  15. I really don't know what your post has to do with what you quoted, but I think the assumption is a dangerous one because it suggests that those who have spiritual pursuits are bereft of any other forms of "deep connection to life." Thinking about people like that - boiling them down to one of their interests and assuming that it wholly consumes them - is dangerous thinking that cannot lead to true understanding.
  16. i like to think that we are the spirit, our DNA. we are branching out from the same tree you know?

    slightly varied, but connected

    our fathers art all in heaven
  17. I agree completely man! Sometimes I get annoyed with categories and genres for this reason. Just take it for what it is.. Don't try to relate it with other art.

    But they are nice for finding common interests.

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