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  1. anyone hear that if you take PCP during a stroke it reduces the chances of developing brain damage, crazy shit huh
  2. this should be in the general forum...
  3. Get your drugs out of our MJ forum.
  4. /
  5. He's not really acknowledging whether he does PCP or not he is just asking a question about PCP related to strokes.

    PCP smells good when it's around but I wouldn't ever do it. I was talking to someone the other day who was about to smoke a blunt with some PCP, or what we call it is Harlem. He kept taking it out and smelling it and I kept getting a whiff of it, he should just stick to weed, lol.
  6. all i know is when im sixty im keeping a stash of it on standby just incase the incident does occur
  7. damn..im new here and i still know (PCP GOES TO GENERAL!)
  8. ^Haha if its true, I will do the same. Fuck Bayer I take PCP
  9. lol what is PCP anyway, I didnt wana ask the guy and be looked at like a noobie. lol
  10. http://www.umsl.edu/~psygtayl/Woz.html

    this a paper about the effects of pcp on the brain during a stroke, the language is for an expert audience but it outlines why glutamate fucks your brain up

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