pcp or acid ..?

Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. i asked this dude i kno for some acid
    ..he said he could get me some for $10

    he said he would give me a cig dipped in it

    but isnt that what they do with pcp n sherm n stuff?

    have ne of u guys ever heard of cigerettes dipped in acid?

  2. yeh its a dippy.....your right... duuuuuust.....
  3. Yea, it's pcp don't smoke that shit.

  4. are you out of your mind.....???

    if your not gonna smoke it.. pass it..... :D

    mmmmmmm i love being delusional from dippy's...... smoke it next think you know you'll be aimlessly waking staring atthe clouds and freaking out on squirels....goota love the misproportion...:D

  5. lol, freaking out on squirels huh? Sounds like a good time. :D

  6. there's a story behind it....:D

    first time... i par took was by mistake.... a friend and i hit a half smoked bowl out of his brothers bong....years ago now.... he was shocked that we smoked it sitting there laughing telling us we just smoked dust.....
    half an hour later we ended up walking up town for no apprent reason...wandering...... said friend randomly bugged out and chases squirel and the day eveolved from there....

    the few other times i've done it....we killed a cple bags an had a blast..... ya just have to keep the rage low...as long as your with good friends your ok though....
  7. Cool stroy Gravy!! Thanks for sharing. And you are correct... Cool friends and minimal rage is a must... :D
  8. i always thought it was meth taht hitler gave to his troops?

  9. According to this:


    It was meth Hitler's goons created, not pcp.

    "The drug, which creates an intense hallucinogenic effect and can enable users to stay awake for days on end, was originally created by German chemists instructed by Adolf Hitler to find a stimulant that would help his soldiers to fight around the clock."

  10. Post me a link please. I've been researching it this afternoon and have not found any information yet.
  11. ya i thought i was pretty sure it was meth cuz it'll keep the soldiers on edge and energized u know? i htink pcp would be a bit much cuz they'd be all trippin and unable to follow orders. might be good for suicide missions tho hehe
  12. he also gave em anabolic steroids like candy.....

  13. Yea exactly. PCP soldiers would get fucked up in a heartbeat. Heavy metal is a better tool to win wars, just not the way they used metallica in this past war.
  14. thanks thats what i thoght i stil might do it

    and ya its meth hitler gave to his troops
  15. Told,

    Did you ever find that link for the Hitler PCP? I'm curious to read about it, I havn't been able to find any information.
  16. haha, i'd personally smoke it jus so i could go fight a buncha people haha, but thats just me so dont listen to me if ya know wats good for ya haha.

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