PCP fucked my head up... need some advice.

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  1. So I smoked PCP almost daily for like a month in the form of "wet" and one time (which was the first) a dipped cigarette. Most of these times I did not smoke that much, and was basically cyphering the blunts of the stuff with others, and not really trying to get "too" high. I got arrested for being an idiot and "getting smart" with an asshole with a badge and a gun whom proceeded to make up all these false charges and I spent two days in county. It was obvious this was influenced by the PCP since I wouldn't do such epically dumb shit normally and the stuff affects your brain for a while.

    Nonetheless, I was bailed out, and I stopped smoking the stuff seeing how two of my friends basically gave me a "reality check ass-whooping" (I don't blame them, I mean come on, smoking fucking PCP?) All along this time I was also smoking a bunch of weed daily, occasionally I'd take a benzo or an opiate and was drinking pretty regularly. And one time I sniffed coke and smoked PCP (for some reason this felt so fucking incredible)

    Skip forward to like a week or two after I had supposedly quit the stuff when I decided to get shit-face drunk, and in this drunken state on this tragic day I ended up seeing the guy who got me into smoking PCP in the first place and stupidly decided we "needed some fire illy". We procured the aforementioned PCP. I smoked the stuff and had an obvious overdose, I don't remember how I got home, but I apparently broke in through the back yard, and I also fell FLAT on my fucking face, (the pavement owned the skin on my cheek bone, yet miraculously I didn't break my cheek) ever since that happened I was never the same. I felt really weird the next day and have had incredible trouble concentrating. I also basically went schizophrenic ( I never sought any medical help at all or talked to anyone about this, but I figure I went pretty batshit) I was eating basically nothing, and I had very paranoid thoughts and I stopped sleeping for a while... A whole month elapsed where I couldn't sleep because deep panic would set in soon as my brain started going "idle". I was dead-bent on suicide for some reason and it seemed like something glorious to do because in this state I realized I was basically I piece of shit dummy who was 20 and had not started college. And I was having trouble finding a job prior to that, so the psychosis from the PCP + every little insecurity I've ever had all annihilating my ego caused me to arrive at the conclusion that dying was the way to go. Obviously I never acted upon these thoughts and realized it was a conclusion made after smoking PCP.

    I've gotten rid of most of the craziness (i'm still pretty paranoid though) and have some pretty bad social anxiety problems, I have trouble carrying conversations on the phone and in real life (but especially on the phone) and overall my concentration is shit, my critical thinking is shit, and my attention span is utter shit. I'm also kind of spaced out all the time now. All these symptoms were much worse and I even had crazy eyes for a couple of months and would barely speak or leave my bed. It's been about four or five months since the last time I smoked that trash.

    Now to the advice part... is there anyway to help my brain heal faster and any ideas on how to help manage, or reduce all these psychological side-effects. Is there any truth in the supposed "brain-foods" or brain supplements I could take. I figure exercising will help with recovering a bit (i've been hella lethargic since that last time I smoked that shit and plan on starting a workout routine). I have thus far attempted to smoke weed since it's been shown to cause neurogenesis or some shit and be neuroprotective, but instead of getting high I had a horrible panic attack with horrible thoughts... I've just been eating relatively healthy lately by avoiding a lot of processed crap and i've been eating veggies along with my meals daily.

    I'm 20 and I still consider myself young so I would hope that there is chance for improvement and rehabilitation, and I pray to any entities out there and hope I can enter college and get a degree and get my shit together overall..
  2. Any input? Any tips?

    I know osmeone has had to go through a problem with recovering from disassociatives in here.
  3. Well I have similar problems man.

    Mine however are based with Shrooms/Salvia/Lsd.
    Basically it was just for fun at first, then I did it all the time because I had several friends who would hook me up with doses and mush.

    Now I have what I guess is called "de-realization" and "de-personalization"
    I can't think in a normal thought process anymore. My thoughts are consumed with paranoia, fear, anger, and sadness.

    When I look at typical everyday things I have a million thoughts running through my head, I can't even look at shit anymore without it having a geometric pattern running through it.

    Whenever I look at the ground I trip so hard I have to sit down for a minute or two. My life basically is just getting worse and worse, Im getting slow and tired and my mind is slowly going insane.

    I've recently controlled my thoughts, I smoke weed everyday and I smoke at least 2 grams or more. I need some serious help!
  4. Give it time and don't smoke that fucking shit any more, that's about all you can do.

    Pick yourself a different drug, PCP ain't nothin' but trouble.
  5. pcp is wack. Just smoke some weed, but good luck with everything. Hope it turns out good for you.
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    I wish I had better advice than this, but I dOnt think there is any. You can't speed up the process of getting over this other than avoiding any drug at all costs and letting your body and mind stableize. I almost want to say you suffered a concussion and you should really get your brain scanned (if that is even an option, hopefully it is). Gl
  7. Fuck man,i would just wait it out, i also had a period were i went totally insane in my teenage years due to a bad trip of a combonation of acid and shrooms

    i sat in my room locked listening to the same song over and over and over,for like a week

    (FYI,the song was a shady haze of winter by simon and garfunkle,i can never listen to that song again,to many memories :S)
  8. Just ride it out man. Try to stay as positive as possible, and just give it some time. I don't understand what draws people towards PCP, but imho, its one of, if not the, most fucked up drug of all. In the future, DEFINITELY do not mess around with it EVER EVER again! I hope you work everything out, and get back to normal man! Good Vibes comin your way! :wave:
  9. So you overdosed and fried your brain for good. kinda like the drummer from g and r. hopefully, I'm wrong.
  10. that sucks some major dick bro. best advice is like u said to go get some exercise and get out ur room go outside n get some sunlight man its called vitamin d

    join a gym or somethin n start lifting weights its good for u mentally and physically

    also consider going to a doctor n make sure you don't have brain lesions or sumthin
  11. You should probably smoke more PCP.
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    Having used PCP I understand where your coming from and for anyone who disagrees that this is not a real thing then you most likely failed basic science. When PCP hits your system its an INCREDIBLE feeling but what happens when our brains become accustomed to such a euphoria? When we are sober we feel waaaay down from what we once considered normal because the drugs raised what we used to consider happiness.
    IE on a scale of 1-10, 1 being horribly depressed and 10 being euphoric, before PCP I was a 6-7, pretty happy and then when i used PCP it raised the bar of feeling fantastic from 10 to 110 so now when I feel normal, I feel about a 2-3 because I know how good I CAN feel. It wears off after a while bro, No worries. I smoked considerably more PCP and for longer but you'll be ok. One day at a time and stay away from the people who motivate you to usee PCP. Weed, weed, weed and you'll be alright.

    Compare it to having sex, then having sex on X, then having sex without it.
    it's still awesome but you know it could be a bit better.
  13. i guess u can wait out any type of depression, just try to be more social and get out more, also for slow thought processes i would try doing mental problems and use my brain more, reading and solving problems might help.. i would also quit smoking weed and drinking for a bit, just to see what its like to be truly sober again...
  14. damn that's crazy, fuck wet anyway. an employee of mine smoked crack recently and me and another coworker after work tied him up and gave him a reality check ass whooping too. then we drove him home to his mom all beat up, she didn't even say anything about him bein fucked up
  15. I'd suggest eating 3-5 times a day, seeing how you say you havent been eating good or whatever.. Gym + running 1~4 miles a day drinking lots of water, taking vitamins, working out and shit.. It will boost your confidence looking into the mirror. Find a chill girl, smoke weed, (make sure she is into it) or at worst make sure she knows you do and is chill with it.
  16. Yeah, long term use like that can lead to psychosis. Seriously never use it again. When you are doing a substance like that, you aren't progressively going to see yourself getting worse. You will just have one experience where you fucking snap and go batshit crazy. Seriously dont be a fool, I mean that in a respectful way.

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