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    Stealth is a priority right now unfortunately.

    Buildasoil malibu v2 mix. x6 8w LEDs (chinese full spectrum. but they are bright as hell). Light proofing on the air vents still needs to be done but my material hasn't been delivered yet. So far the light proofing has proven to be harder than expected. I should have just lined the whole inside in foil from the start.

    Growers Choice OG Kush fem.

    IMG_0655.JPG IMG_0684.JPG IMG_0685.JPG IMG_0693.JPG IMG_0718.JPG IMG_0719.JPG IMG_0741.JPG IMG_0742.JPG IMG_0750.JPG IMG_0751.JPG IMG_0753.JPG
  2. bad news for the garden so far. my dog managed to yank the plant out of the soil and tear its tap root. the leaves were undamaged and its been hibernating for a couple days but its starting to grow again. as soon as it happened tho I germed another one cuz I figured that one will now be permanently stunted. unfortunately for this new one I put it under the LEDs from day one and it got burned. I figured these lights would be weak but I guess they are actually strong af. for now they are all off and I have 2 bright white CFLs. I'll let them veg a little under that then start adding the LEDs back in one by one. hopefully I can still use the lights for flowering at least lol.

    got the light proofing installed, it worked great. just 2 layers of thin carbon filter pad. you can see light if you look straight into it but at an angle theres nothing. and where this thing is at no one will be looking directly into it
  3. I'm subbed in, and your setup looks legit af.

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  4. Look a good however I don't think that fan is going to be able to push It through your carbon filter

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    Overdo for an update.

    1. Got some CFLs (they getting freakin hot unfortunately, and I didn't use any of that insulation)
    2. Repotted the girls into a homemade fabric pot
    3. Planted a jack herer (hope she doesn't get out of control)

    The fan on the carbon filter is working, I knew it would be hard on the little guy thats why I opted to make it like a real one so it has more surface area to pull through slower. The fans were actually overkill and noisy so I put a 6v power supply instead of the standard 12v. Its pretty stealth now. The growth seems slow to me and I think its partly due to a pH problem so I have a meter and some down coming later this week

    I'm going to flip to 12 12 on Sunday probably. Im just nervous about vegging the jack too long. I saw a 12/12 from seed grow that someone did and the thing got 3ft tall

    FullSizeRender (1).jpg
  6. I'm loving the scrog screen btw, but personally I think you'll be fine if you train her early on. The plant I have growing now is less then 1ft tall from the bottom of the fabric bag to the tallest bud. I vegged her for 49days because I wanted more bud sites and I just kept her low with some lst.

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    Growth seems really slow to me and obviously something is wrong. I shouldn't be losing my leaves like this so early. I dont know whats up. My plan is to just ride it out and see if nature fixes the issue, naturally.

    Soil: high quality and mulched a little
    Water: 6.8, dechloraminated (lol yes its a thing) they don't get it till they look thirsty
    Light: not to strong, not too weak. seems fine
    IMG_0858.JPG IMG_0861.JPG
  8. Did you check the pH of your run off?

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  9. Nope. I guess I could check that out
  10. run off is about the same as whats going in, and I gave it about 5mins of soaking in the soil before continuing to water for run off. I gave them a real good drenching in the end with quite a bit of the recharge and I gotta say they are looking a little more vigorous. will have to wait n see if the lower leaves stop yellowing.

    freakin soil, this is why I went to hydro way back in the day. some day soon Im gonna do an aquaponics grow
  11. Nicely done on the PC case dude. That's clean.
  12. Thanks man. I got it because it looked nice on the outside but the indent on the front is quite annoying. It kills a lot of space.

    Flipped to 12/12 9/14 so this is day 7. They are doing better. I just can't let them dry out for whatever reason or leaves will start dying.

  13. Its gonna be pretty lame to have made that screen if I end up with no side branches.... :wacko:
  14. Did you pinch it at all? You gotta pinch the main stem under the first few nodes until the top leans over and the stem is bruised. If you pinch it just right it will feel like a pop and itll go soft in that spot.

    Or just gently but firmly pinch it and roll it back and forth in your fingers to weaken it some.

    These methods stimulate lower plant growth.
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  15. Agreed super-cropping will reduce upward growth from main cola and promote those side branches. Get a canopy going with the limited space. I would look into autoflowers. Pick the right strian and height control will be easier. But doing good with switching to 12/12 really early in veg.
  16. I'm looking forward to watching how this screen works for you. I'm planning on doing a scrog next grow around :D looking good so far dude nicely done

    Keep us updated!
  17. Under the first few nodes sounds like the bottom of the plant, but I assume you mean latest few nodes. It got pinched way down low but I haven't done it again. I'll give it a TLC pinch today.

    I haven't seen the relatively explosive flowering growth I would expect and I think it might be due to not having the interior fully dark at night. So I spent another hour light proofing it again and am pretty satisfied. I'll give it another day or 2 then post updates.
  18. Ya under the first 3 or 4 top nodes.
  19. I still have 1 OG K and a few Jack Herer seeds so I'll most likely just pop those next round and do the same setup with 1 of each. Maybe put them in separate containers tho.

    You can see the OG is start to look like its flowering
    IMG_0932.JPG IMG_0933.JPG

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