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  1. hey everybody! just wanted to know how much of the city uses a mac and how many people use pc's. i just bought a new macbook pro on friday and am loving it so i just wanted to know what you guys feel on pc vs. mac
  2. I like pc for regular stuff and like downloading because windows is compatible with most forms of documents and downloads but macs are more convenient for likw homework n stuff

  3. yea thats true. i think i might get parallels desktop6 for my mac so i can have the best of both worlds :D
  4. I started using computers since I was about 8, and its always been windows.

    When I went to college, I thought I would see what the hype was, and got a macbook.

    Im now back to windows and you couldnt pay me to go back to mac.
  5. Pay extra money to not be able to upgrade a less powerful computer?

  6. PC because it is not expensive as Mac computers and we all know that lots of games runs on Windows operating system.
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    the mac's inability to switch out graphics card and what not pisses me off + so damn expensive.

    I do have macbook pro but i prefer my pc build the majority of my time.

    Only use the macbook pro for when i'm spinning (and/or couch locked)
  8. oh gawd. not this thread again.
  9. If you get a Mac, you'll get the attention and admiration of your college peers. They'll all like how it's shiny, trendy, and supposedly great because it costs $1200. You'll be able to argue that is simple to use, everything you want is right on your desktop, and that you have a machine that is more multimedia friendly (photoshop, itunes, imovie, garageband, etc...).

    PC people will argue that you're wasting your money because Mac uses virtually the same components as a PC but overcharges for them because they are used solely by Mac. We'll also argue that your pride of multimedia friendliness is now equal to the PC (we've made strides recently) and possibly a little behind. We'll argue your lack of gaming ability, software compatibility, and hardware versatility.

    In the end, the PC will undoubtedly have the advantage, but that won't change anyone's minds. People who want Macs will continue to buy them and make the same arguments I listed, and PC people will still facepalm, shake their heads, and argue the merits of their machine over Macs. It's a never ending circle. It won't end until either one company fails or is bought out by a competitor (we can likely assume this won't happen anytime soon).
  10. To me they're both the same shit. The PC is less likely to get stolen if you were growing in it !!!! Macs just a fancier grow box IMO.
  11. yea i see where you guys are coming from. i grew up on pc's and still use my old one constantly, i just thought id buy this macbook pro to try it out and i mean so far its a beauty. i mainly bought it so i can start recording my music n shiz which when i tried to do on my old pc was ridiculously hard to do. plus like i said before when i get parallels desktop6 on it i can have the best of both worlds, except i wont get to switch out the internal components when new stuff comes out which i agree is pretty lame of apple to restrict their users from. but on a better note i do have the new thunderbolt port which with its supposed 10 gbps should be pretty awesome to tinker with when stuff comes out for it :D

  12. sorry man. i tried searching for it but i could not find any threads like this. im kinda a newb to being a member on this site and prob searched for it wrong :/
  13. Meh, Macs are underpowered and lack what many of the options that $900~ windows laptops have today.

    While the main argument towards macs is that they are great for editing music and media, but the majority of mac users I've seen rarely use garageband and imovie but simply hang out at Starbucks wearing fedoras.

    Alas, if macs are so godly, why do people run windows on it?
  14. Used to be a pc user will never go back to that route again
  15. So what do the GC techs use?
  16. Surely Mac :) I don't recall PC as an option ;)
  17. Im a techy guy so definitely PC
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    You must to make gc look so good ;)
  19. I can stand using both, but i would never purchase a mac. I dont fancy the idea of paying literally thousands of dollars more for the same parts simply because they are wrapped in aluminum and have the apple logo on the case. The parts are all the same. And seriously, if i want to use a unix computer, ill use one that isnt completely locked down like mac. Ill even save shit loads of money at that. I understand that because of the interface macs are more noob (or stoned guy lol) friendly, but in terms of functionality, Windows and most linux distros have it beat.
  20. It's hard for me to justify spending $1200 for a MBP. For $1000 I can get a very good pc laptop. Windows 7 is polished enough to compete with osx imo.

    For desktops I always build my own so windows or Linux

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