PC temps way to high?

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    I'm really happy with the way this setup turned out except for the high temps, high as in 90 F. I have 4 26w cfl bulbs. There are two 90mm exhaust fans and one 90mm intake fan. Exhaust fans are up top by the lights and the intake is down low on the opposite side of the exhaust fans. All 3 fans are hooked up to a 200mA DC adapter.

    One of the exhaust fans and the intake fan seem a little weak and I'm not sure if its just because they are used or that the 200mA adapter isn't enough to power them.

    I do have one 120mm fan that I could add to the exhaust and then take another 90mm and add it to the intake to try and bring the temps down.

    Heres a picture of the inside.
  2. First I will say your cfls are WAY to far away (IMHO). You should have them within a few inches of the plant to get optimal light to the leaves.

    Second, until you can control the heat you should pull 1 bulb out for now to bring temps down. No point damaging the little girl any further waiting to fix it.

    What are you using on the walls? Be careful of foil/space blanket type covers they hold in TONS more heat then say mylar for instance and although I don't understand the science of it I have read around here that mylar is one of the few optimal reflective surface for small grows.

    Some one else will have to help on the fan size as I have never set up a PC only my small cabinet and I lucked out and got it right in the beginning. <--not bragging, just sayin

    Good luck with your grow looks like your on the right track
  3. I actually haven't even started a seed yet. I was just testing temperatures today to make sure this didn't happen during actual growing. I know I'll have to raise the pot up to the light when the seedlings are small yet.

    And I am using mylar....I cut out pieces of foam board for the panels and then taped mylar to them.
  4. Found your problem: You insulated your grow box. The mylar you used is the thin space blanket type (Im guessing from the look) and thats bad for a small grow box. Also if your 'foam board' is what I'm thinking of its an insulating material. This is why you having trouble dissipating the heat.

    What I would recommend is using the mylar windshield covers you see at your local Mega Low Mart for like $10 and cut to fit directly up against the metal side of the PC case. This mylar has like bubble wrap threw the middle and it lets heat threw it a lot better

  5. Dude my temps are hitting 90 in mine I just took one light out and when you put her into flowering with 27k bulbs they put off less heat so use 3 til flowering put the other one in
  6. Dark, instead of using the entire foam board, just cut out a frame for the mylar. That way the case isn't fully insulated.

    Also where do u live? if its colder outside then it is in ur house, u could put it in ur attic or basement if u have one. I had temps reaching 100 with 2 23w bulbs in my room. I decided to move it to my attic, n now temps are at steady 73 degrees with 3 23w bulbs on.

    But if ur trying to keep it stealth, this may be hard for u to do. I would then suggest the frame for ur foam board as well as another exhaust..
  7. Well it would be A LOT easier to get those windshield covers (which is what I was going to do in the first place), but is the exterior real mylar? If real mylar will make a much bigger difference (with foam board frame) then I'd rather not take the easy route and just use real sheeeeet. Plus I want to use AT LEAST 3 bulbs.

    I am trying to go as stealthy as possible so I don't really have a close to window/basement/attic option.

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