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  1. The desktop I am using is 24"tall, 22" long, 10" wide. I have 4 140mm fans running. two intake, two exhaust.  I am planning on doing a scrog, as you can see the screen already installed in my pc. I have two 23 watt cfl 2700k, 100 watt equivalents which I plan on using for flowering and have one 42watt, 6500k cfl, 200 watt equivalent which I will use for vegging once the seedlings become more established. I am using coconut coir as a medium and my temps stand just below 80 degrees fahrenheit. temps range from 77-80 with lights running.  
    I recently restarted my micro grow with new seedlings yet have run into a similar problem as I did on my first try. One of my seedlings started to droop and bent halfway up its stalk. the other is fine. The germinated seeds were planted on the 23rd, one week ago. I started the seedlings off with one 23watt, 100 equivalent cfl, 2700k and will be switching to using one 42watt, 200watt equivalent cfl, 6500k for the vegging. With my original issue of drooping i was told that I was running too much light(as I was using 2 of the 23watt along with 1 of the 42 watt) which is why this time i started with less and planned on increasing the the amount of light as the plants develop.  yesterday, one of the seedlings bent at the stalk. So as i was advised before I babied it. Added some coconut coir for support along with a stick and lightly wrapped gardening wire around the plant to hold it upright. I added a cup of water in attempt to increase the humidity which I was reading could have something to do with this problem. I also recently had the seedlings closer to the light and recently moved them a little farther away only because the one was getting close to touching the light. now a day later nothing has changed. which is fine if i have done everything I needed to make this plant recover, I understand it takes time, I am just worried that I have not fixed the problem. 
    I plan on updating this post and keeping a grow journal but before I can do that I have to make sure that these little guys are gonna be okay. So any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!


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