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  1. So i've created this thread devoted to everyone in the PC growers community. I am Officially abandoning my original thread because im hoping that we can all eventually do our updates here. we can see eachothers updates quicker and all discuss everything PC grow related.

    when posting for the first time in this thread please give atleast a brief disctription of your pc grow case ( lights, ventilation ect..) and the strain you are growing.


    to start it off here is my little update

    -2 pc case grow, 1 veg 1 for flower
    -veg has 4 6500k 23 watt cfls and a 120mm exahust fan and a 80mm intake
    -flower has 2 2700k 23watt's and 1 6500k for some mixed spectrum, 1 80mm exahust and 2 80mm fans for intake.
    im using GH's nutes for both veg and flowering.

    bagseed strains...no clue what kinds.

    2 in the vegg box now and 1 in the flower somewhere along the time lines of sung and gwiito's...

    by the way i wanna give a shout out to gwiito, spliffstar1904, sungminz and T-Rex for the encouragement to start this thread. :smoke:

    you will notice (gwiito) how i had to snap the bloody main stalk again because it had grown a little taller and ended up like half and inch from the light..luckly i caught it like and hour after lights on. anways i increased the nutes for flower by like double the strength on the lable just cause i think she might have been able to handle it...and boom about 30 hours later its doubled in little trich's. shes still looking very happy.

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  2. by the way i saw a grow club like this on another forum, so i didn't want to take the credit for the idea..i just thought GC could use one because i just preffer this site.
  3. hey BCbuddy.

    yah man after you mentioned that you wanted to do this like a day later i found one on a different thread sight to but i am not posting it here because GC is the best. I love the pc grows and next time i get some pic updates i will be posting it here as well.

    bookmarking this now.

    Stay Stoned
  4. actually later this morning i will probably be posting. someone suggested to me how to improve the macro on my digi so i will be attempting that and if it works i will take more pix and post. i want to show how crystally this bitch is.

    Its my weekend as well so i have some time on my hands. I have looked up a way to do a DIY CO2 generator and i think im gonna give it a shot i will post pix and tutorial if anyones interested.

    Stay Stoned
  5. ya i have seen those...good idea...lets see how ya pull it off
  6. As promised my bruthas.
    I figured out my new camera so i can take some really nice pix of her. so with out further a dew, here she is.

    Heres the case im working with. not pretty but it works wonders. i will be revamping it before i start a new grow but as for now it is what it is.

    and than some of my favs that i just took about 20min ago.

    I am going to go get what i need for the CO2 generator this after noon. as for now. its time to watch the new startrek movie in 1080HD with some THX sound and smoke some hookah, lemon mint.

    Stay Stoned

    ps after taking these pix and seeing her up close and personal like this I want to smoke so fucking badly. so whom ever is smoking a fatty or sparking a bowl or vaping or whatever it is that you do. smoke one for me.
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    sorry BC buddy i forgot to mention some facts about my grow like you wanted us to.

    I am 51 days along 26 days of 12/12
    Bag seed from no. cali. the weed its from was called "big buddah" and it was some dank shit. one toke dope if you will. so im thinking its gonna be good.
    I am using 2 27watt 2700K CFL bulbs.
    I have 2 intake fans and one outtake fan with an external fan that draws air from the exhaust fan. so i sort of have 2 exhaust fans however they are in front of eachother. on is pointing strait and the other is built into a cardboard light refractor that is pointing down. my case is virtually light proof.
    I am using foxfarm ocean soil ( i think that what its called) with 30%perlite
    I am using the CNS17 series nutrient formula
    CNS17 grow
    CNS17 Bloom
    CNS17 Ripe

    my case hold steady at a 81F and 50% humidity.

    My questions to all who read this.
    I can not have more than 2 bulbs going with out it getting way to hot. Should i keep the 2 2700K bulbs in or should i have 1 2700K and 1 6000K bulb?
    much appreciated for the help.

    Stay stoned

    ps bc buddy I love that you are super cropping. I cant wait to give it a go next time around. good luck to all. out grow big bro.
  8. damn nice looking pics! and thats a good question about the lighting...i mean the numbers add up i guess so you could always experiment.
  9. Basic and done correctly. Good work.
  10. HAHA hey good idea on this thread, I'll start posting in here as well.
  11. im gunna do an update tomorrow cause im too stoned and too tired..shits gett'n big in the veg box
  12. Wheres the update BC?? lol. I wanna see pix.

    I just checked up on my bitch this morning and she was lookin great. should have pics on Monday
  13. ya lol, pix tonight when lights turn on
  14. Hey y'all

    glad to hear ur vegging is a success again BCBud. canr wait to c. ill be switching my nutes to a mixture of CNS17 Bloom and CNS17 Ripe on sunday morning and at that time will update with some pix of my own. im still using the CNS17 Bloom as of now. i have been watering her with this everytime because i am only using a 1/2 strength that was recommended. shes fattening up a bit and smellin and lookin real nice. cant wait to see what the Ripe does to her. about a month away from harvest. cant wait. im gonna smoke such a fat joint when that day comes.

    Stay Stoned
  15. ok so update.

    veg box is getting to be a bloody bush box. cant wait to harvest the ol gal so that i can throw one of the small girls in there...anyways this is what they look like now....like at least a month into flowering now?...i would take a pic of all the frosting but my camera isnt good enough.

    i hope you like that pics

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  16. by the way everyone...feel free to put pc growers club link in your sig...we all memba's!!
  17. bump! lets get some more updates peeps! =)
  18. patients is a virtue. ill be back with some updates in a few hours
  19. update time!!!
    its day 56 (31 Days of Flowering)
    switch to a mixture of Bloom and Ripe this morning and in about 6 hrs it looks as if it snowed all over my tops. it smells delicious. here are some pix


    Stay Stoned
  20. winter came early? =)

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