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  1. Starting my first pc grow with just an experiment bag seed. I have one 6500k 26watt cfl running right now while i try to get this seed to pop through im gonna get a clone once i get some nutrients and stuff but figured i would see what i could do. I have one pc exaust fan one 4inch personal fan in case and a passive intake but my temps are high 90 degrees and above.. what to do what to do....

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  2. What kind of light will you use for vegging and flowering?
  3. 2 6500k 26 watts cfls for veg then 2-3 2700k 23 watt cfls for flower
  4. The CFL rule of thumb is 100w per plant--you need to double your 6500k CFL bulbs, or replace/compliment them with a larger-wattage CFL (ideally, if accessible). You need at least 4 of those 23w 2700 CFLs to flower her, or, again, less, larger-wattage 2700k CFLs. It is also recommended to mix your spectrums, so adding a single 2700k CFL during vegging and a single 6500k CFL during flowering might positively impact your yield.
  5. ok i just added two more 2700k 26 watt cfls so now im over 100watts which i think should be good but my temps are looking kinda high when i have all four running. 90 deg and above but i have been told by my friend that has has a constant grow that her plants thrive in the heat. so i think that temp is ok and thats only when the lights are on that its that hot
  6. Yes, 90F (32 celsius) is too much--the rule of thumb is to stay within 20C-30C (68F - 86F). It's good that you upped your total wattage, but it would be best to switch one of those 2700K CFLs for a 6500K CFL, if/whenever possible. To handle your temperature issues you need to retool your ventilation--I'd say either add another fan or upgrade your current one.
  7. Well I shall try to throw in one more fan then tomorrow morning I'm thinking of switching out for a rubbermaid bin little more space but not decided I do have two seeds planted waiting for sprout. Gonna really start my grow when I get my clone
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    hella pc grow....did you fix your temps

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