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  1. Hey GC this will be my first PC grow and my first actual thread I will daily update. Hope you guys like my setup!


    Intake fan is the one you can see in the pic.
    The outtake fan is in the box above it.

    Im doing a Micro grow obviously and Ive had friends do the same in SOLO cups and they worked fine so I think the 18oz container I have will work fine!

    Im doing Soil and this will be my first soil grow so any advice on watering soil would be nice!

    Next post will be Day 1! Seeds are Germing right now.
  2. i wanna do a grow this.. How tall is your pc case? 24inches?
  3. My case is only a 15 inch case. I would suggest a larger case for a larger plant. Like I said I'm only doing a micro grow. Just enough to keep my personal supply going :)

    However if you get stuck with a smaller case you can add a net across the middle of the case (between the plant and the light) to have your plant grow outwards instead of tall. I will be adding one in a few weeks.
  4. you might want to mount the light sideways, so there will be more room for the plant to grow vertically.

    What kind of light is in there?
  5. yeah i thought about moving it but i wasnt sure. I only gain about 1.5 inches moving it over so im not sure.

    Im using a 40W 120V CFL
  6. you shold definetly mount it the other way you can get another 4 inches of grow room
  7. I took the light down and moved it over to experiment. Now i know its hard to see but that greenish bar at the top on the right drops my fixture down about and inch, and with the bulb being in the middle of the fixture i loose some more. Like I said before I only gain about 1.5 inches. ALSO doing this my light trap in the box to the left for the outtake air is flawed with the light moved. So im going to leave the light there so i don't have to take apart the box and fix the light trap for an extra inch or so.

    Thanks for the advice though because i was wondering the same thing :)
  8. ~DAY 1~


    Seeds are done Germing! I picked the one with the biggest tail. Im using these little rock-wool type stones to drop my seeds in. When you add water to them they blow up and retain water to make the watering easy during growing.

    This is a 12/12 from seed grow. Im going to keep it short and sweet! Please comment and follow. I enjoy peoples comments. I will probably be switching to a weekly journal just to save the posts.
  9. I like it man it looks good!
    you got any reflective material to put in there?
    I went and bought an emergency blanket from walmart and lined the inside with it, not bad for 3$
    you should to get one more light in there caz as you prolly know the more the merrier....Ill be following GL and heres my current Pc Box, Im still waitin on my seeds from Nirvana....http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/594884-my-new-stealth-box-check-out.html
  10. Yeah I got one of those sun visor things for your car. I just have to grab it out of my car and set it up. I figured it could wait a few days and ill do it during night cycle so as to not confuse the plant. hehe

    Also nice box dude! Once you get your seeds link me your thread. I'm sure we can bounce ideas off of each other :)
  11. Soooooo my light fell on day 3 and i decided to put my electrician skills to the test and take off the casing of the light fixture and re wire and mount the light sideways! Now I have ALOT more room to grow in. Next project is adding the reflective sidings.

    New Light

    Now to wait till next Sunday to see if my seed wasn't dead or not. If it goes dead im going to use DWC and make a bubble system. Grew a full plant on it and i think it will be a bit better than soil. I'm finding that I don't know when to water because the deep soil is wet for about 2 days but the top soil is dried out within a matter of hours. So i don't want to over water but i don't want her to die of thirst! Comment plz! :)
  12. UPDATE!

    Added the reflective covering on the inside today. Still no plant popping out. Think the seed might be dead. Comment!!

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    It looks a lot better man umm about the seeds I know this is a dumb question but you never know.....Did you germinate it cuz every seed that i successfully germinated actually grew.

    NVRM! Scratch that on the germinatin lol Im fuckin blown lll
  14. my current grow started in a pc case with some autoflowering plants but that has outgrown its case in ony a month so i have had to biuld a new enclosure im such a small pc case i just dont see it working to well trying to fit lighting the plant and the pot in something that short id definately try find something a bit taller to grow in buddy :|

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  15. 1st.
    I have never done this grow before but i know they work. hope yours goes well!

    THNX! And yes i did germ them but like i said my light fell twice and soil is a very unknown medium to me so i wouldn't be surprised if i killed it lol. Im giving it till Sunday to show some signs and if nothing im starting over and doing a DWC bubbleponic system that i already have made.

    Ive seen people do this grow in the same size box and still be ok. Im doing a micro grow 12/12 from seed so i will be keeping it small. im also going to put a cage in so i can trim the top and then let it grow outwards. Hope mine works as well as the others!!
  16. Your supposed to SCROG or LST in those and lots of ppl put strait indica plants in those too...
  17. ~UPDATE~

    The seed was a dud.... *SAD FACE*. So I went out and made my own DWC kit. It looks great but its a little snug in the case. However the only set back is a small light leak at the bottom of case were the side panel goes on because of how tight the box inside is.


    The Net Pot. Put a rubber ring around the top to seal it and make sure it sat in the box nice and snug!

    The Box. Duct-taped the sides then put the reflective stuff on top. Checked for light leaks and were "A OK" on that! Those roots don't like light!

    The Box in the....Box. HAHA

    The pump, stone, and hydro balls are coming in tomorrow. Now to start Germing again...Comment!
  18. NICE! you got a thread goin?
  19. Naw not yet prolly get one goin in the next week or two after i get my nuts.

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