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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sweetbudofmine, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I'm probably gonna start a pc grow in my closet with my buddy. We are gonna get the flower case from pcgrowcase.com. Anyone ever used this case. What are your experiences with it? Also, what kind of strain would you recommend? I was thinking about easyryder. We are obviously going to try to maximize yield and potency. Thanks!
  2. bumpppp. anyone got some input?
  3. I was thinking of doing a pc grow too. And i found out that it's alot cheaper and not that hard to make your own. But as far as buying goes what you selected is imo probably the best and cheapest choice. |For the strains anything Lowryder or a variation of Lowryder. I wanted to try Purple Gems just because it would be cool to get purple buds. Or you could do other non auto strains I think, you just don't let them veg too long(any one know about how long? idk) then do LST or SCROG.

    When you do start you should do a grow journal, especially if it;s Purple Gems, I'd be really intested. Good luck!
  4. Nice thanks for the suggestion. I was also looking at some other strains but I cant have any odor due to my roommate who will be uninformed. I heard Easyryder is almost unnoticeable.
  5. Why not use the closet and save money? It will be easier and more productive. And it's easy to put up a false wall in the back hiding the grow. I just can't see too many people pulling an ounce out of a computer case unless it's already in a baggie. Just my opinion. I started small and found I needed more space within the 1st month.
  6. Haha. Well I dont want to get into anything big. I will have parents in every now and then and my roommate will be around if I try to put in some kind of fake wall. I like the PC idea mainly for convenience and portability. I can easily grow enough so that I dont have to buy bud every week.
  7. I have been growing with a pc growcase for a year and a half now.I love it.Nice compact and very stealthy.Have grown numerous strains and have had no problems.You can get enough yield for your own consumption.The auto strains work best though.Lowryder,Easy ryder.The white dwarf,red dwarf etc.etc.I still mess with mine for the little dwarfs.If you want to have some fun and learn to grow this is the unit.Good luck in your decision.I highly recommend.Just plug them in and watch it GROW.:smoking:
  8. Doing a PC grow right now. I made it myself from a server tower case; a lot cheaper than buying on premade. Im growing Sour Diesel and Blue Widow. They have been 12/12 since seed, so they wouldn't get too big. I am also doing LST to keep the height down and increase yield. Everything is going great so far, getting some nice bud growth. Now they are really starting to smell, so I had to install some carbon filters and I also bought an air purifier from Lowes to keep in my room.
  9. Really I would think that easyryder would smell becasue it's a cross with ak47 and those things really smell. If that is true i might try easyryder too!
  10. hey northern light is a perfect pc strain. Its a small bushy plant that has a VERY low odor.

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