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  1. hey blades, so im considering doing my first grow. anyways im thinking about gonig with a pc grow box because i need it to be stealthy.

    are there any guides to making one? (or relatively cheap pre built?)

    would i likely be able to eliminate the smell ?

    how much would a plant in this environment typically grow?

    i'd like to produce enough to smoke daily (and prob have 2 strains at a time).

    thanks :D
  2. Pre built there are no good prices anywhere. Every single one is so overpriced its ridiculous. Build your own, its pretty easy. Guides, I would just check out journals, or just search the grasscity forums with the advanced search. It's quite simple to do, I found hardest part was stripping the inside clean of all that metal. Im still light trapping mine though. In a PC grow you can get anywhere from 5g to over an oz I hear people get. But thats with a huge case and amazing scrog. Im growing two in my PC right now, but only for fun and some variety. If you have any questions on any of the setup feel free to ask

    A PC producing enough to smoke daily is not gonna happen. Unless you dont smoke all that much. I need to grow 6 oz a harvest for me and my gf to smoke all on our own grow, but Im nowhere near that yet.

    Good luck and keep at it (feel free to ask lots of specific questions, people here are very friendly and want to help you out) :smoke:
  3. bump 10 char

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