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  1. i have a bag seed plant that came from some purple kush, my set up is as fallows

    1 medium size home made pc cab
    1 gal pot with ff ocean forest soil
    4 23 watt cfls
    heavy LST
    1 80 mm exaust fan
    tin foil walls
    alwase watered with 6.5 ph adjusted filtered tap water
    using techna flora starter kit as directed ( feed, water, water, feed )
    temps are 80 to 87 35 % humid during day and 65- 75 at night.

    veg went perfect ! but now im 3 weeks into flowering and my leaves are turning yellow aND ALMOST LOOKS LIKE THE TIPS ARE BURNING.. NO GOOD. so i flushed her today hoping that may clear her up.i dunno though. cant post pics so i hope i have givin enough,
    p.s the buds look good and are growong fast but some of the leaves look just yellow and bad. what should i do ?!
  2. Post some pics?
  3. Don't use tin foil.....either put mylar on the walls of the inside of the PC or paint it flat white... and 87 degrees if a little too hot in my opinion...I try not to let temps go past 82 or 83.. No less than 68..

    I agree with pictures.
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    like omdogg said switch out the tin foil for mylar or flat white paint. Tin foil can lead to hot spots and when the surface gets wrinkled it not as efficient at reflecting light.
  5. alrighty ill paint it up, hope it solves it! thanks

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