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  1. ok after spending around £50 on buying equipment for a homemade hydro ive decided to slash out £130 which is around $215.

    i have bought 4 cfl lights 2xblue 2xred , mylar sheets, ak48 auto seeds, lowryder and hopefully more soon. thats the £50 ive spent on that

    now i have atleast $215 to spend on either a grow tent or build a pc grow

    space is a problem but i also want to grow atleast 5-6 plants but not sure if building a grow system out of a pc will carry that many plants.

    so the question really is,

    save the $215 for a rainy day or buy a tent or a pc case????
  2. tent dude!!! get a small one if there a space issue after a while ull get tired of that pc grow and wannna go bigger...so suggest get a tent
  3. Lol if space is an issue don't grow till it's not
  4. If u can't afford to grow dank, don't waist ur money on growing boo boo weed. Dank takes expensive lights, good nutrients, good temps, good humidity. Good luck.

  5. i agree but you should invest in a tent, its always going to be better than a pc grow. and cfls are only going to be good for either a pc grow or just for small seedlings in a tent.. buying a tent and growing 5 plants will cost much more. you will need bigger fans, bigger lights(hid), and bigger filters(if you are keeping it stealthy)

    just buy 1 piece at a time if you are strapped for cash. 200-300$ light, 100$ fan, 50-100$ filter

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