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  1. the growing season for outdoors is becoming shorter and soon will be over so i started looking online for indoor growing and what not. i came across many successful pc grows. being a major nerd myself, im a intrigued. i know im not going to get a large grow but being able to grow in the pc is good enough for me.

    Just a few question before i get started.

    what type of cfl's should i use? i dont plan on using the larger ones like 125w but which ones should i get for veg, and flowering.

    Which would be better autoflower or just normal strains?

    Last but not least lst or scrog?

    Im going to be doing 2 pcs a mini one, 16 inches tall, and a server tower, 22-24 inches tall. Any input would be great! i would also appreciate tips from growers who have done a pc grow. thanks
  2. i dont know anything about a PC really but i can tell you that 16 inches just wont cut it. 4 inches at the top for your light. 5 inches at the bottom for your pot. That gives you 7 inches for your plant at best. Ok to get them started then move to the server. the server tower you can do and you should scrog it. your limited in space so use a scrog to control the hight of your plants to the max.

    I would advise using two high power 65 watt CFL if you can. A single or even double 125 watt CFL rig would actually do you good though. Generally you want a minimum of 100w per plant with CFL. I use 4x 26w lights but I dont grow in a compact space. 6500k for veg and 2700k for flower.

    autoflower or photosynths... i dont know crap about autos and wish i knew why people liked them to begin with. what i do know is that you have limited space and want them to start flowering early so save some of that space. I think an auto would want to outgrow your pc before flowering.

    Starting to actually like the idea of a PC grow now. I think i could actually be happy with one if i scrog'ed. Good luck on yours.
  3. In my box I use 8 cfls (4 for veg 4 for flower) my veg lights are all 23w 65k and my flowering blubs are 23w 27k which can all be purchased from wal mart.

    As for autoflower strains ive never used any just cuz i personally think you wont produce as much bud as you possibly can but thats your decision. I just got my new strain in yesterday on my bday so it was a nice gift:D got them pretty cheap too cuz i bought two packs and from everything ive read there a good strain to grow in a pc box via scrog Chrystal feminized marijuana seeds

    Finally im goin with scrog method cuz to me it looks the most productive and ill hit you up with some links on that but once again its all up to you homie...

    Hope this helps.....
    Scrog Method-http://forum.grasscity.com/advanced-growing-techniques/48363-scrog-method.html

    My Box-http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/594884-my-new-stealth-box-check-out.html
  4. yeah i decided to still go with my 24inch server case and a 16 inch midtower. i am on my way onto ordering both rite now, just gotta make sure i got enough money :p i got the cfls at wally world. 6 23w 65k and 4 23w 27k. i got a emergency blanket, and i got the light sockets. then im on to hooking it all up once the cases are ordered and in. thanks for the help!
  5. let me know where you found the case..was it cheap?

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