PC grow - help appreciated(frist grow EVER)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by sativapartisan, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, thanks in advance for the tips and comments. So as the title says this is my first grow, and Im doing it in a home made stealth PC case. After months of reading countless forums and comments, I decided I am as educated on the subject as I can be without learning from first hand experience. So the strain I'm using is Mazar, and the best part is I can skip the first few steps because I am being given a clone. So here are my questions:

    1) First, any generic tips are appreciated, I want to hear everything!
    2)Has anybody here ever grown Mazar before? likes/dislikes? advantages/disadvantages?
    3)From what I have been told, since I am growing in a stealth PC, I want to skip/breeze through the vegetation stage. (so when it comes time to flower, the plant doesnt outgrow the box?)
    4)Are bugs still a problem in such a tiny space?

    I want to apologize in advance if there have already been forums relating to this, I know having repeats can of annoyance.

    Thanks much.


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