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  1. im currently germing four seeds and and wanted to show my pc grow box so here it is :). The four small pots are what i'm starting my seeds in before i transplant them.
    it is 14 1/2 inches tall 14 3/4 inches long and 4 inches deep.
    it has two fans. One intake and one outtake.
    This is the outtake fan its being powered by a 5v wall adapter and makes no sound at all :)
    This is the intake fan it powerd by a 12v wall adapter and is kind of loud sadly, but i have a ps3 and xbox to hide the sound of it :p
    these are the adapters the big adapter powers the intake and the small one powers the outtake and the green cord is an extension cord that powers the fans.
    Here are the pot im starting my seeds in they are about 1 1/2 inches tall and about 2 1/2 inches wide 
    there final pots are 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.
    The reflective material inside the box is tinfoil. I wanted to use Mylar but couldn't get my hands on any.
    so there it is i'm new to growing so if someone could help me out and help me get the best results out of this micro grow that would be great :)


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    sweet nice setup man, you should consider moving your pots closer to your lights. they should be 3 -4 inches from them or else when they sprout they will stretch trying to get light.
    You can raise them up with books or game cases etc.
  3. Thanks man :) i was planing on it but i didn't want a bunch of game cases in the pictures lol but i didnt know how far the plants needed to be from the light so thanks for the tip :D
  4. no problem also what type of lights are you running, if you plan to use CFL's this guide should tell you everything. 
  5. just cfls lol but thanks for the help man 
  6. If you can find any white paint , that would be better than the tinfoil as the tinfoil can create hotspots , also I'm not sure on the light reflectivity of tinfoil, just my 2c man I'll be watching :)Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Nice looking pc, do you consider to raise your powerstrip when you will have bigger plants? Because every inch is important.
    I will follow this thread  definitely  ;)
  8. i feel like the tin foil or Mylar reflects better than white paint and i left it on for about two days because i had the same thought about hot spots boy nope there aren't any hot spots but if i build a new anytime soon ill paint it white and see if that works better then the foil :)
  9. yeah i got another pc that's allot bigger so ill move them to that when ever they start to flower :) and thanks ill be sure to post pictures when my plants start growin :)
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    i agree with b0nne white paint, but hell just do it next time, people always hating on tinfoil. it couldn't be too bad right?
  11. Though I may as well put my two cents in here as opposed to anywhere else. To start, after seeing that, i get what kind of set up you were talking about. I guess it never donned on me that the box had one side removed. Makes sense though, just smaller than anything I've ever used myself.
    When it comes to Germing your seeds, time plays a important role. Not just for the seeds, but also for yourself. Before germinating any seed into seedlings, you want to make sure you yourself are ready for the next three or so months to come. If you are, then the germination itself is very easy. I suggest the paper towel method myself, but others differ on this from one method to the next. The paper towel method is by far the most simple in my opinion. Simply dampen a paper towel with PH balanced water at 6.0(you will want to get PH testerPH UP, &  PH Down)(The PH down can easily be duplicated with REAL Lemon Juice), and place your seeds on one side, fold the damp paper towel over and put them seeds in a air tight container that sits nice and flat. Store the seeds in a dark, cool area for 2-3 days. Make sure the paper towel is damp enough to provide moisture for the total length of time, but not enough to "drown" the seeds so to speak. The air tight container will help with holding moisture. Once you get your seedlings to "pop" you can go one step further by planting, oh so carefully, planting your new found seedlings into rock wool cubes and place them on a heating pad in humidor container with the heat on very low to stimulate larger root growth. Its not a must though. However, it is wise to know that a strong plant starts with strong roots. Those seedlings need to be treated with the up most care and respect if you want to give them any kind of chance at survival. This is a very delicate time for the plants. Start your CFL's at 10 inches if possible and then lower to 8, then 6 if you can without burning them. Keep that light directly over them and they should really ramp up the growth. in roughly a weeks time, you should be looking at a miniature version of an adult plant, and should be coming into the very start of Veg stage 1.
    When you get there, i will comment again. Any other questions, you know where am at.
  12. its been three days 
    i have been germinating my seeds for like 4 days in a paper towel in a dark area that is like 70 to 75 degrees and nothing has happened.
  13. It's ok, be patient. It can take up to twelve days. Always depend on the strain and if it is a healthy seed. I would be surprised that you would finish with a rate of 0% of germination.
  14. Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours or until they sink, helps with germination!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  15. well i'm glad i saw this as soon as i did i was about to throw them out! I'm germinating two strains one is some sort of brick weed and the other is just some bag seed i had. Thanks for the info yet again you guys are really helping me out and i appreciate it :) 
  16. I have herd of this method and will try it out next time i grow depending on what the out come of this current one is :)
  17. I just want to thank you guys for all the tips and info you are giving me it helps me out so much because im so new to this. So thanks guys :)
  18. Hey guys got an update for you one of my seeds popped! :)
  19. I told you ! I'm still waiting after mines. 
  20. nice man I'm currently on the same boat, i just peaked in my box And i can just barely see the sprouting seed popping from the ground

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