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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MrMunchies, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Well i had my gaming computer and took everything out of it and i'm ready to start buying. Could anybody tell me what i need and how much the whole cost budget would be

    What I have:
    Power Strip
    Computer Box

    What I need:
    Good Plant Food
    Reflective Materiel
  2. Seeds hit Attitude seed bank. People say they are expensive but thats what ive used and they are currently having a good promo going so you get a lot of freebies.

    Plant food/soil- I used Fox Farm ocen forest and their fox farm trio. Was very easy for me to understand as im currently still on my first grow.

    Reflective material- Mylar all the way but in my opinion PC grow boxes are super cramp for the ladies. So unless stealth is a super high priority i would just go for a grow tent which comes with Mylar and vents. With the pc box you will need atleast 2 pc fans.. one for air intake and one to expel air from the box... well maybe 3 because you need one to push the air around inside from what i was told. O u absolutely need fresh air too...

    Try to get atleast a few 50+ Cfls from home depo. 3 would be good. Im not an expert on PC grows but that should be the basis of it all...

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