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  1. Hello GC! I decided to start my pcgrowbox but I ran into a little problem. I don't know how to wire the pc power supply to my adapter. The pc wires are BROWN AND BLUE... My belkin extension strip has 3 wires, black/blue/white. Don't want to fuck some shit up and burn my room down you know what im sayin lol...  Thanks in advance


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  2. You are making this wayyyy to complicated. Wire the fans to 12 volt cell phone chargers and then plug the charger into a wall. Don't put it in a circuit with the lights because the lights will need to be able to turn off with the fans still on. 
    The videos are online. It seemed intimidating to me at first but it took like 10 minutes and that was cuz I was high.
  3. I haven't tried the computer yet but I tried the fans and they were working but the adapter blew out lol I guess 3 fans is too much... even tho the third was small 

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