Pc Grow Box. Where?

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  1. Lots of people have been telling me to make a pc grow box instead of buying one. I wouldn mind i but where do people get the big enormous pc cases. Could someon help? Would be helpful thnks
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    ebay is probably best if you want cheap.. if you want to be flashy you could go for any computer shop - overclockers, ebuyer.
    You can search by motherboard size (ATX is normal) try XL-ATX or search by the number of bays (5.25" drive slots) try 5 bays and up.
    Shop around, some might have useful fans and power supplies (if you want).
    "Pro" cases for overclockers and the like often have easy access mechanisms - hinged motherboard trays, thumb screws, etc.
    Edit: better yet, go to your local dump/recycling plant. There's always a nasty looking pile of big beige boxes.

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