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  1. Ok, I've just started to ponder what could be done with a stealth grow box, and a full tower size PC case I think could work quite well.

    The case that I have chosen is this: Newegg.com - Broadway Com Corp R-810 Black thick Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Computer Cases

    It is 21.6" high, I think that would be sufficient enough. I would take out the innards of the case and place some sort of CFL lighting. I've seen some set ups with three single bulbs and some with larger lights. Any reccomendations?

    One thing I am really concerned about is smell, and was wondering if it is possible to have a small carbon filtration system that would fit in this case, or what other method could I use to greatly reduce or eliminate the smell?

    I know that MJ plants can grow to be very tall, and I have seen some grow boxes in PC cases use metal racks to limit plant growth. I also have heard you can adjust the way that you give lights to the plants to make it flower. In a box this size I wonder how long you would have to vegetate and how long for the flowering process.

    If you can think of anything else that would be of essence in this setup I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out..
  2. I made a great little carbon scrubber for my stealth grow. I'm not going to give any step by step instructions, as long as you aren't too baked to make a stealth grow then you shouldn't have any problems. You can get activated carbon granules at most pet stores. The air must pass through an inch or so of granules. The best design I've engineered is to cut/drill out most of a cylinder with a lid, I used a crystal light iced tea container, so that it is like a cage. Then wrap it with screen. Now place a screen tube in the center reaching from the bottom to top and make sure the top of the screen tube is closed so it will not fill with carbon when you fill it. The carbon fills the void between the two screens and pours over the top of the center screen tube by half an inch or so. A circular screen fixed inside on the top prevents carbon from getting sucked into my blower. Now cut out and adhere the lid to your fan/blower and you can plug the filter into that lid when the smell starts to kick up. It restricts a lot of air flow so you want to put it at the top and remember the larger it is, the more surface area it has, and therefore the more air flow it will allow. Alternately, people often use carbon filter material for convenience

    There are also these new air purifying CFL lights. I believe they're only available online and I haven't tried one myself but I've heard good results. It may be perfect for you since it would take the same space as a small filter but will provide light. (not sure of the spectrum but I believe it's more toward the lower end) They are said to give off more heat but if you're not using a carbon scrubber, it will be more than made up for with greater air flow.

    PC cases are viewed by some (usually always people that have ample space and closed minds that can't imagine a non commercial grow) as useless or impossible because of the lowest yield to work ratio of any common growing methods. I've never made one as small as a computer but it's very rewarding for your sense of security, fun hobby, and your sense of accomplishment over the "impossible".

    Check out this guy's awesome case for inspiration...
    I was actually going to show you a stealth box someone made with two cases bolted together, one case was for the mother/utility closet. The other side was the main grow area using the full space of the case.
    I couldn't find it so I'll just give you this one as another good and professionally made example. It's very small so it won't give much yield but you could have it running under your desk in the office or wherever you work 24/7 and nobody would even think about it.
    The rest of your questions about spectrum and timing for vegging/flowering can be answered by asking old man Google or just browse around the appropriate forums for a few months.

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