Pc grow box...hydro?? Help!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Green latern911, May 12, 2010.

  1. I've been reading all the posts, and have been planning on making a couple pc grow boxes this weekend with my buddy for both our houses but we have some questions. I have looked and looke but havn't found any "to the point" instructions on how to make a hydroponic system inside a pc case. I'm guessing it's the same as a regular hydro system, but considering the fact I'm a total noob, I would deffinatly like some input and maybe some instructions on how to rig up a little system in a pc case. :D

    Thanks, Sam
  2. You just need to take a concept on a bigger scale, and bring it down to scale to fit your PC grow box.

    Air stones, tubing, an air pump, solution, and a reservoir that will provide sufficient room and be clean/efficient.
  3. So I mean, about what size container should I use at my reservoir to be "efficient/clean" I was thinking maybe like 10"L 6"W 5"H to fit in te bottom of the case. That should be right for 2 plants right? Also I saw mostly insturctions for drip systems but not really any for bubble systems. I think I'm still missing the concept of how the air pump filtrates the water, I'm guessing I have to fill the reservoir often? And how would that wire up, where would the air pump go in regards to the reservoir?
  4. a bubble bucket equivalent would be your best bet for hydro in a space that small. what you need is net pots, a growing media, i.e hydroton, i love that stuff, and air pump with preferably two outlets for two air hoses (one per plant)
    two air stones, and a container you can have the nutrient solution in. you will put the net pots into a lid so that they are suspended about a 1/4" inch away from the water/nutes in the container, (this distance is dependent on the stage of your plants) you need to run the air hoses with the air stones into the container so that they are under the water creating bubbles under your pots, essentially misting the roots with your nutes of choice. if you need more in depth info search for bubble bucket or something along that line, hope i could help.:smoking:
  5. For that size of a bubble bucket how big of an air pump do you think would be good enough and also the bottom of the met pot would be a 1/4 in above the water!
  6. And also, sorry for all the questions, but for te container for the nutrients... How does that work? Does it need another little bucket of water outside of the main reservoir? How does the nutrients get into the water, into the net pots...


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