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Pc grow box help

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by chronicsmokeing, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. So I'm building a pic grow box I got lifts but Idk if there the right ones I got 2 sylvania super saver cfl 2600 lumens
  2. Check if your lights are 6500k"Daylight" or 2700k"Soft White"
    Daylight is good for veg and soft white is good for flower growth, but you should have both just depending on if your vegging(3:1) or flowering(1:3) [6500k:2700k]
    That's what most people do with ratio's.
    I'm doing a small grow in a tent. I will possibly do a two to one ratio.

    What's a lift btw?
  3. lights and yea its 2700k i can keep these 2 lighs for the first cycyle then i have to get higher ones? or just change the lighting schedule

  4. Your light schedule should be however big you want your plant to harvest at. You can set it 12/12 to determine the sex of the plant right away, then go on with 18/6 after you have seen pistols or sacs, depending on what you want. Most people want pistols lol.

    On vegging, which is 18 light 6 hours dark, you should have at least one 6500k bulb. 6500 Kelvin is the light temperature and a plant needs the light spectrum for that cycle, as summer time would give because the sun is close to earth.

    2700k is more for budding, or flowering.
    It's good to have both kinds of lights all through out the whole grow no matter what light schedule. Just different ratio as each schedule.

    If your on veg(18/6) use more 6500k bulbs, on flower(12/12) more 2700k lights, BUT always have them both imo.

    You can search the forum about lights, this isn't all of the info. As the lumens the light gives off is good to.

    You can make your light schedule 20/4 or even 24 hours of light for vegging.
    Some autoflowers recommend this cycle but some people have used these hours on regular plants as well to promote rapid growth.

  5. thanks your alot of help right now i have 2700k so i have to buy 2 6500 bulbs or just buy a 6500k and have 1 2700k and 6500k the whole time

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