PC grow box completed.

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  1. I will be using 4 60w CFL bulbs and 1 80mm intake fan with a 120mm exhaust fan with a homemade active carbon scrubber. I was to lazy to go buy mylar so i rigged it up with aluminum foil. I put 6 Unknown strain dank seeds into some wet paper towels the way i usually germinate seeds, hopefully in a few days a few will show signs of a root and ill be able to get them going but for now I snapped a few shots of the grow box.

    Here is the grow journal:

  2. Looks nice..I like the way you have your lights in there
  3. Looks good. Should be perfect to grow with.
  4. Nice. I'm in the process of setting up my first PC grow. So far I have the case gutted and lined going to line it with mylar this weekend.

    I have available 1x100mm fan for exhaust, 2x80mm fans for either intake or exhaust. Should I use the 100mm and one 80mm for exhaust and the last on for intake? And 2 of the 3 fans have 4 blue LEDs on each of them. Do you think this will be bad for my plant's growth/yield?
  5. You used the wrong side of the foil, the shinny side makes really bad heat spots.

    Other than that, I think if you get around to fixing light leaks you should have a nice little veg box.

  6. Depending on the types of lights your using honestly 2 80mm should be fine. or 1 80mm for intake and 100mm for exhaust but if you use CFL's 2 would be fine. about the LED's i don't think it would have any type of noticeable effect on the yield.

    and then @ eyec0n im actually using this box throughout flowering. the method im going to use it should work out perfectly w. cfls
  7. What's up again dude. After some more research I found a really nice looking pc done by B10Narybud. He said that he used a layer of silicon spread all throughout the pc for adhesive, then hung the mylar throughout the pc.

    It looks really nice, and effective also.

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  8. Any update on this one?

    Im germinating 2 seeds for my own PC grow.
  9. ne one got links to other pc grows??? im curious to see how much can be done with this..
  10. B4 ya' get to far into this pull the foil and duct tape off ...tape off the fans and stuff and spray the whole inside with a whole can of flat white spray paint.
    Lose the intake fan use only exhaust fans and passive intake....the neg. pressure inside will drop the temps
    Good Luck :wave:
  11. What do u mean by passive intake?
  12. He means have a hole somewhere (preferrably lightproof) with one or two exhaust fans somewhere else. The exhaust fans will evacuate air from the cabinet, and then the hole will suck in air to replace the air that was just removed. Simple concept, it's a vacuum :)

  13. Thanks for your concerns. I just linked my Journal last night into here if you wouldn't mind checking it out. I have torn down the tin foil before the plant even sprouted and had mylar posted on cardboard installed shortly after.

    Also about the fans it seems that my temp stays very constant throughout the night and day since it is in a location that the outside temperatures do not effect the box at all which is SWEEET!
  14. if you use silicone AT ALL in your cab you MUST make sure you let it dry or else you will get a smell far more noticable than any mj plant when the cab heats up. Just some personal experience.
  15. k but i didnt say anything about silicone =p
  16. updates???
  17. Ya, get rid of the aluminum foil if you can. It really is horrible.
  18. both of ya guys really need to learn how to read if your gonna post on a topic thats been dead for a while.

    @magnum - check my sig for grow log.
    @kidkid if you saw in a post i stated i removed the aluminum foil and placed mylar in the box.
  19. Sorry that I'm replying to a some-what dead thread, but what do you have the bulbs screwed into ? I've been looking for somthing similar to those for my grow. Thanks.

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