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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by utku, Mar 24, 2016.

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    Hi guys first of all sorry for my poor english.

    I'm thinking about growing 2 plant at same time.

    what is in the box?
    For Lightning i used 6 x Philips Twister 23w 6500K 1450LM
    For Ventilation i used 2 fan ( 1 for inside and 1 for outside)

    also all container covered with reflector.

    This is the main design(i will add real photos soon)


    so what you guys think ?
    Can i grow some pot and smoke it only with that box?
    also i need a suggestion about seeds.
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    I added real photos
  3. If you look around you can grow just about anywhere lol! I'm new myself but looks pretty good, have you tested your temps yet? Definitely need to get that figure out! I don't think the 2 fans should right on top of each other?? But anyhow good luck will keep checking in if you keep posting!

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  4. If i can give anu advice just turn your lamps cause cfl gives more light from the sides. Jus a little hint ;)

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  5. Yea for veg that box is perfect, but if you expecting good yields from that then look elsewhere. You can easily take from seed to Harvest in that box I recommend lst, small pots ect. Look for strains that are already genetically smaller. Also you will benefit a lot more if you get some 2700k - 2100k for flower. I recommend using 6400k first couple weeks into flower then switch over to 2700k remainder of flower. This should result in nice short thick stem ladies. Cheers

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  6. Also those CFLs need to be closer to plants then raised as she grows, you don't want them to stretch. Also I wouldn't recommend vegging for very long because they blow up to twice there size when switched to 12/12.

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    I see you edited your post, what would you like help with regarding seeds?

    Also would like to see ventilation pics if you could, do you have temp/humidity meter? High humidity can cause the same if not more problems than low humidity. If this is a stealth grow then it's smart to start brain storming ideas for smell now, I highly recommend carbon filter wether it's store bought or diy doesn't matter. Let me know if Oder is a issue and we can start brainstorming on that topic as well.
  8. Like someone else said the CFLs on there side r way better, And maybe one in each corner a couple inches lower. In the position you have less stretch yet n more bush

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