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    Hi everyone, first post! Long time lurker, finally time to actually start posting!

    Basically, I'm very tempted to buy a PC grow box, I'm not the most technical so id like to avoid making my own one as money isn't really an issue. I've looked at a lot of threads on here, at first I was skeptical if it would be worth it but after seeing some very nice looking harvests I'm very tempted to buy the one I'm looking at. I'm also fully aware the yield would only be half oz - 1.5 oz MAX, I'm not looking to get loads.

    I've found a stealthy pre made one and it comes with the following:

    1X 30w RED Spectrum 2700k hydroponics grow light (PRODUCES A HIGH YIELD-fruiting plants)
    1X 30w BLUE Spectrum 6400k hydroponics grow light (PRODUCES A HIGH YIELD-Vegetation state)
    2X Mini Activated carbon filter.
    2x Ultra Silent fans.
    1X Digital ProgrammableTimer.
    Insulated with C3 reflective silver (anti-heat-detection).
    1x all in one power unit.
    1x ON/OFF Power Switch.
    1x Removable power lead.
    1x Digital Thermometer.(No Batteries-Powered by pc case)
    2X Working USB sockets on front of case
    100% fully stealth.
    5X pots (soil) 5 jiffy pellets.

    Dimensions are (in centimetres)
    45.6 depth
    22.5 width
    47.8 height

    From what I've read up and found out this PC grow box sounds decent, but I was wondering:
    - do you think it would be good for a PC grow?
    -should the carbon filters keep the smell from leaking or should I get ona blocks aswell?
    -will 1 30w cfl at a time be enough, or do I need 3x 26w or 2x 42w?

    Cheers everyone, can't wait to start growing!
  2. Anybody? and would i be better off just making a bigger one (60cm tall) and using a 2700k 125w cfl and 6500k 125w cfl to maximise the yield id get?
  3. Yes I'd say make your own it's not too hard, but imo I wouldn't use the larger cfls like I have in mine as it was pretty tight and took up a lot of space, and did get quite warm. maybe like 2-3 24w cfls for veg and 4 24s for flower, if you did make a cf you'd probably want some sort of ona block as well as the filter, how many plants were you planning on growing? 2?Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. So I'm best off sticking to a few 24w CFLs to make the most of the space rather than 1 bigger one? Yeah I'll definitely get some ona blocks, I really don't want any smell to leak out at all haha! I'm gonna start with one photoperiod plant as I can control the height easier than an auto, but I'm gonna try 2 on my second go. Definitely gonna use LST to try maximise yield.
  5. Good plan, good luck! :)Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. I'm starting my first grow soon, I chose to build NY own box because I never found something that would fit right, I'm disguising mine as a night stand (still small and concealable, but with a step above a PC ) I also need to remain somewhat concealed (I smoke in my room and have lots around making it smell, I just have to hide the growning, I'm hoping the constant smell of weed in my room will help keep suspicions down, but still would like it to be so effective it would work in any ones room, even when the smell would be a major issue. Good luck with your grow, what strain do you have? I'm rockin bag seed from either plushberry or blueberry kush hahaSent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 5020T using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Using a night stands a pretty good idea! Unfortunately I've gotta keep the smell under control, my house mates are nosey and won't have a clue so I'm gonna be depending on the carbon filters and onablocks to keep the smell down. I'm not sure what strain yet, there's so many I want to do but I think the genetics just wouldn't suit something as small as a PC, I've seen a northern lights pc grow box go well so I'm probably gonna give that a go to be honest! Yeah best of luck to you mate, I'll keep an eye out for a journal if you start one!
  8. i would recommend God bud, ive seen a few people here have great success with it (Oz+) and one guy on another forum who got 2 full zips ha hear its good smoke too, whatever you use i bet will be awesome haha.
    im gonna stick around to see how she goes. good luck 
  9. Thanks for the suggestion man, that'll be another strain to keep in mind!

    Anyone had any experience with using carbon filters and ona blocks to eliminate the odor of one plant? I keep reading mixed opinions about how effective they are at eliminating the odour during flowering. Or if anyone has any other suggestions, that are still stealthy, I'm open to them? Can't wait to start if the smell is controllable

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