PC Grow - Auto Critical + & Red Dwarf - 3rd grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Cirrus Minor, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Ok GC, here we go again. My last attempt was a photo strain and turned out to be a dude after 41 days so I had to abandon that grow, major bummer. Before I try another photo I am gonna go with a couple auto's this time. One will be the same as my first grow, a Red Dwarf and in addition to that a Critical +. I don't know anything about the Critical + but I hope it's decent.

    I am once again gonna experiment a tiny bit. This grow will be in 2 separate smaller sized pots and I will not be doing any training. I am gonna let them grow naturally upwards. Put them under lights last night and waiting for them to break soil after a 2 day germination period.

    Stay tuned...

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  2. hope you have better luck this time bud :)

    I've grown out the crit+ before and it's some pretty good smoke..really good yielder too.
  3. I followed the first grow, very nice turn out man! hope these come out similar for you !
  4. Thanks for tuning in fellas. I hope the grow turns out nice. I already mixed up which beans were which during germ... such an idiot lol. I figure once there start budding I should he able to identify them since I grew the Dwarf already.

    Hey bongsauce, was the Critical+ you grew an auto from Dinafem? Looking on the Tude it looks as though the Critical+ photo and auto have different genetics. I don't really understand why the name would be the same if this is the case. Its good to hear the smoke is nice. If I can pull between 5-10 on each ill be very happy :-D
  5. Obviously I'm subbed.

    Better luck on this one Mr Minor :)
  6. the critical + I grew was a nonauto.
  7. I see green!!! Nothing major but just a few pics of my new seedlings :) I don't know which is which yet... it'll be a surprise!!!

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  8. Schweeeeet, I'm tuned in!
  9. Good luck I'm subbed!
  10. sup cirrus I very much enjoyed reading your first grow and the second grow was looking good too.

    I'm about to start a pc grow myself. Quick question: Where did you buy those pots?

  11. Thanks, I enjoyed making a journal. The planter pots I'm using now are just a couple I picked up in a local hydro store. I have two 1 gallon buckets I also use from my last failed attempt but not this time. Those I had laying around the house.
  12. YES! Get to catch this grow. I'm thinking about doing a pc grow myself. What's a good in-exspensive way of lighting. I don't want too many CFLs. And fans? Pretty much the basics for a PC grow.
  13. nice man im subbed
  14. subbed. good luck hope you get 2.4 oz like herbalthumb lol
  15. Well, the cheapest lighting you can find is that big orange burning star up in the sky... LOL, I'm just teasing ;) Seriously though, I can't think of anything cheaper than CFL's. If you look at my box I have 4 plugged into a powerstrip... simple enough. Get some super strong magnets from Value Harware or Home Depot or wherever and connect them with tape to the back of the powerstrip to allow movement up and down. I'd recommend using around 6-9 magnets. They are little round flat magnets that I use in sets of three on each end of the powerstrip. I may add another three in the middle for peace of mind.

    For fans, I have 3. Two smaller intake and one larger outtake. I haven't perfected a method for odor control but if you check the 3 other threads I've started you can see what I have going on. I took some decent photos.

    Thank you!

    I'd say a quarter for these two might be what I could possibly end up with. Two get 2oz out of a PC grow might be impossible hehe...
  16. That ks man. That helps alot. Perfect. I hope to have a set-up soon once I get my job. But I think I'm doing outdoor for now, the seasons coming. But I'll be watching closely. Hope you improve on your yield. Any major changes to the set-up since before?

  17. This grow, my 3rd attempt has no changes except that I'm growing two instead of one. I'm also using some smaller pots to fit them both in the case. This time around I wont be doing any LST as I wanna see how they do growing straight up.

    Ill be doing an update either later today or tomorrow. They are still small but looking good :)
  18. nice man, and 2.4oz from a PC case?

    its definitely doable but shit man, would take some skill and effort.
    Only managed 1.5oz on first grow in PC, i think i will improve on my pineapple express coming down in a few days, but dont think it will be 2oz.
  19. Cool man I'm definitely curious how this grow with 2 plants in smaller pots no-lst will compare with the 1 plant bigger pot lst style.

    5jperday (cool name lol) check out herbalthumb's chrystal PC grow.
    It wasn't an autoflower but he did get 2.4 oz dry which I'm still not sure if he exaggerated or not. Could've been a good phenotype or something. Definitely the most I've seen pulled from a pc.
  20. Hey folks, as I've come to notice these girls are in their slow and boring mode. Just a couple pics to update the thread. Haven't done a thing but give a little water around every 3rd day.

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