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  1. setup:

    I don't have the exact dimensions of the case, it is roughly ~21in. height x ~24in. width x ~6in. depth. I have one exhaust fan and plenty of open holes for passive intake. Temps hopefully won't be a problem, the surrounding area isn't very hot at all. It's also pretty light proof for the most part, except on the exhast fan but the lights go off at like 11:30 pm until about 5 am...so light leaks during the dark period wont really happen.

    Seeds: Lowlife's Auto Blueberry - ordered from Sensible Seeds

    Soil: Miracle gro Potting Mix

    Lights: 1x 125 Watt CFL (I have both 6500k and 2700k that I will switch when needed)

    Nutrients: Miracle gro Bloom Booster 15-30-15 (Will be used very, very lightly about 3.5 weeks in.)

    pH: General Hydroponics pH Control Kit (Liquid Drops)

    Light Schedule: 19/5

    Let me just say I fully understand that Miracle gro is not the best choice but it is all that's available to me right now so don't recommend to me fox farms or advanced nutrients, I know they're the best to use. Soil is soil and I figure that if i take care of them properly i should have no nut burn problems Before I put the seed in the soil, I'm going to flush it quite a bit so the plant wont burn. When putting in the soil, I tried to get as many of the little nutrient sacks out as I could.

    I started this grow on 1/19/11, so today is Day 8 since i put the seed in the yellow cup straight in the soil. The sprout in the clay pot is only a day old.

    The pics of the plants were taken today.

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  2. Subscribed, similar grow and starting point to me. Looks like a good start. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  3. thanks man!

    Day 9

    Same old stuff, both are getting bigger by the day. The newbie in the clay pot just sprouted yesterday. Gave em some pH adjusted tap water that sit out over night. I always test to see if the soil is dry about 1 - 1.5 inches down before i water, also i read that this strain hates when its medium is dried out so i try to water every other day at least.

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  4. Day 10

    Quick update. No water today, soil is still plenty moist.

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  5. Day 11

    Growth seems like its picking up. I moved the yellow cup down a little so hopefully i get a little stretch so it grows above the rim of the cup.

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  6. Day 14

    been pretty busy lately with work and school..and especially that first strike map pack lol :D

    checked on my babies today and game them a much needed watering..this wouldve been the 3rd day without water.

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  7. Day 17

    Took these pics last night...hate to say but i suspect we have a male among us :confused_2: I tried to get as close a pic as i could without it being to blurry..it looks almost exactly like this pic from another thread:


    here are my pics so if anyone could confirm that'd be nice so i know for sure. Day 9 for the clay pot.

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  8. Looking good buddy. Plants looking healthy.

    I am not skilled or knowledgeable enough to make a comment as to if the plant is a male of female unfortunately. Hopefully someone more experienced will lend some wisdom :)
  9. I doubt someone could know if it were male this soon. Mine looks similiar to your bigger one and it's a feminized seed.. But it's all looking great
  10. need a side shot to sex , as above says probably far to early to tell

  11. thanks for the input guys. i checked the under growth but nothing significant is showing yet so i guess we'll all know hopefully by tomorrow :) i'll try and use a better camera so you can all get a better look
  12. heres a better picture of what they look like
  13. Yeah, wait 'till it's a wee bit bigger, then it'll start displaying signs of sex. Females will be fairly obvious to spot, as they have two white furry tendrils that come out near the node. :)
    Good luck with it all, man!

  14. Yeeahh but when the plant Is just starting to show signs of sex Calyx's start off just as balls with no hairs ( pistils ) shooting out ... easily confused with a male Bollock ; ] I work out the sex by the way the Balls HAng low you know ... Its a male

    If there On edge like an excited nipple .... Ohhh man you got a girl :+]

    Good Luck , I hope all goes well for you

    P.s i love Ecstasy ; ] Well I did nowa days It isn't what It was ... You know ?
  15. Thank you all for your input.. if it does turn out to be a male ill salvage its pollen anyways, im just somewhat impatient ;)
  16. I know the feeling! ^^. Looking good anyway! Planning on topping, at all?
  17. I ave asked on another thread too, but you are also using a 125w CFL.

    Just wondering how you are hanging it, and how sturdy it is. If you could post a photo or two of the fitting, I would be very happy

  18. I second this. Fittings seem to be my main problem at the moment, haha!

    YouTube - Kanaal van rjcw2

    Check this guy out. His methods are fantastic! In this video, he shows how to mount the lights! :)

  19. these are both autoflower's so theres no need to top or flip the lights to 12/12 :D

    Sure! I'm going to update in about an hour so ill snap some pics for you...my mounting job is really simpler than you might think :smoke:
  20. Wicked! I'd be interested to see how those autos turn out! Looking forward to those pics, dude! :D

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