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  1. Im building a pc grow box its my frist grow ever im going to try to put one plant and lst it and suggestions of lights and medium and nutrients and anything elese?
  2. Your best bet would be probably to search on google or better off go to threads::::
    Indoor growing-> Micro Grows
    Those people can help you out on getting you started :)

    Good Luck!
  3. soil, nutrients someone else would have to help you with that I use little if any in my grows.

    Lights I would use spiral CFL bulbs. Ill copy another of my posts to save me time :)

    Adapter to wall socket
    Eagle/Cooper Wiring Medium Base Lamp Socket Adapter - Ivory 738V-Box - The College Toolbox

    Y socket
    Leviton R42-128-W Twin Light Outlet Socket Adapter White #078477209417 at HardwareAndTools.com

    You get a power strip with atleast 3 outlets. But yourself 3 of the light socket to wall socket adapters and 3 Y socket adapters. Mount the power strip on the top of the PC case, plug all your lights in (the Y splitter will need to be screwed in slightly askew, if you leave them all at 90 degree angles they will touch the sides of the PC case.
    / / / instead of l l l

    ventalition can just be a normal fan spot on the back of PC case. Use some cardboard or tape to create a little light trap (or ducting and run it only in a little with 2 baffles \ / to keep light leaks out.

  4. thanks alot :hello::hello::hello::hello:

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