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  1. Any PC gamers out there?

    Whats your favourite PC game.

    I've currently just blazed though portal 2.

    How does it feel to be part of the PC gaming master race, and what tools have you got that give you THE EDGE.

    Personally, I find my G500 logitech mouse is my greatest ally.
  2. me of course. counter strike will be my all time favorite game. Half life 2 coming in a close second. It feels great to be apart of the master race, I have better precision with aiming, can do more things because of a developer console that is put into most games, the list goes on.

    The tools that give me the edge would be of course my mouse, but I'll be different and say that my graphics card gives me the edge. I can play on extremely high resolutions, play games at max settings (like AA). This allows me to play at a constant smooth fps.
  3. Bad company 2 and halo CE rock the balls. I use a razer DeathAdder 3500.
  4. The last couple of weeks, all my gaming time have gone to World of Tanks. It's free even, though I suspect I'll spend some money on it soon. It's how those digital pushers get you. Offer up the initial doses for free, get you hooked, and then bleed you dry :D
  5. I play a lot of SC2 but recently got pulled into the steam/portal universe.
    And guess what came in the mail today...
    My Brand new Radeon 5670.
    Until now i've been using the radeon 3000 thats integrated with my motherboard. but thanks to my tax refund $$$ i kicked it up a notch. i plan on downloading a shit ton of high end graphicly intense games in the near future.
  6. SC2 with onboard video? How? You must be determined getting through that low fps.
  7. lol yeah its been tough. when i loaded it up today and put it on ultra I almost jizzed myself.
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    Still playing GTA San Andreas bitch!

    Steam has some good games... Gotta love the patches/hacks/cracking.
  9. I'm a CS:S guy
  10. im a ps3 guy :(
  11. I had about ten games that I really enjoyed on Steam, including Counter Strike, until I logged into a computer at an Internet Cafe' and ended up VAC-banned due to a hack that some asshole put on the machine's hard drive. As most of you probably know, once you're VAC-banned... that's it.

    The lesson? Never use public machines for Steam.

  12. I have too many Steam games, but I mainly just play Audiosurf and Team Fortress 2. I'm up to playing any game with a friend though. If anyone wants to play add me:
    Steam Community :: ID :: irjesusthe2nd
  13. I still need to match you :devious:

    trojanmanftw is my Steam ID if anyone wants to add e, Source is al I play, hopefully L4d2 once I get a new graphics card.
  14. I play CS:S, portal 1 (haven't picked up portal 2 yet), TF2, Audiosurf, Hl2 + episode 1 + 2, but GMOD is the best by far! (hilarious if you're baked ;)) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh8VfFH78jY]YouTube - The Idiots of Garry's Mod[/ame]

  15. Fun stuff everyone. Should all totally play a massive game of GMOD together...
  16. I play mainly play Cs:s when I'm super baked every night or TF2. I play on my Macbook and it's funny when kiddies talk shit cuz it probably gets more FPS than most PC's.
  17. L4D2 and I just bought CoD: Black Ops today. Probably gonna be playing L4D2 tonight and install Black Ops tomorrow.
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    Hell yeah!! Used to have my own server with a friend :)
  19. Well, L4D2 seems kinda boring now and I just found out that you need a pretty hearty rig to play Call of Duty: Black Ops without it being completely sluggish. *Sigh*

    After I got my gaming PC up and working, I can't find a game that will hold my attention.

    Any suggestions through Steam?

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