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  1. What Games is everyone playing on there PC ? 
    I need some good suggestions for games.

  2. Playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare a lot lately. One of the best online games out right now, IMO.
    Also working on Wasteland 2. It's a throwback to the good ol' days of CRPGs.
    What kind of games do you like?
  3. Strategy. All of it
    Stronghold - build and manage castle and army(only played the older ones)
    Hearts of iron - play as any country during world war 2
    Europa universalis - play as any country in middle ages
    Planetary annihilation
  4. I don't play many games but I love dota 2. And it's free, assuming you have steam, which is also free.
  5. Solitaire

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    Aaaaand minesweeper

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  6. Could you at least tell us some games you like or some genres to base a rec on?
  7. lately its been smite with the homies, and today i played some civ 5 for a bit. 
  8. got that new civ, gonna check out tonite
    play shadow of mordor for a few minutes last night
    shit is dope
    still gotta finish The Evil Within
  9. Payday 2 is way fun. Love cooking batches of unmentionables whilst having a shootout with the police.

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  10. Star wars the old republic (online mmorpg)
    Sid Meiers civilization V
    Skyrim (steam) bc  all the mods makes it feel like a new game after beating it
    Mass Effect games
    Left 4 Dead
    Soldier Front 2
    Counter Strike
    7 days too die
    Pokerstars (real money games)
    Call of duty games (over hyped and rated but still fun)
  11. I'd say try some league of legends, it is completely free with no way to pay to win. I'd check out some game play before because it is different from console games but anyway either that or counter strike go. I believe it is 15 dollars for that but it goes on sale pretty often on steam. Both are online games and just amazing both can be played casually and professionally and are tons of fun.

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  12. Gotta love when people make a thread then never come back. What's the point?
  13. just bought the reign of giants dlc for dont starve, thats how im spending my all hallows eve. 
  14. Hopefully someone will find some suggestions that work for them here. Even if its not the OP.

    As for suggestions: Dungeons of Dredmor. If you like rougelikes, this game is a must have. I have yet to enjoy another roguelike as much as I do DoD.

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  15. I need to find a shorter game to play. I love dota2 and all but the matches last on average 40 minutes with hardly any time to spark a bowl.
  16. I built myself a hefty gaming rig, i keep it updated bi-yearly, and still all i seam to play on this thing is TF2.
    I don't know what it is, but once you find a good server with a solid community there's no going back.

    Dota2 is pretty good if you don't mind ignoring being given shit while you learn. I'm not sure it its free yet, but if you want to PM me your steam ID i'll gift you a copy, ive got like 6 for some reason from beta heh. 
  17. Dota2 is free to play. I played bots for a while before play live games.
    There's soooo many characters
  18. Some Heroes of the Storm action tonight. Usually I'll dabble in league, dota 2, diablo 3, bit of hearthstone and one night a week right is WoW. 
  19. Depends on what you're looking for. 
  20. I've been saving for an Alienware 18. Saw gameplay demos and got a hands-on trial with Borderlands 2. It was gorgeous. LED strips and customizeable lighting zones for the keyboard make for a sleek, futuristic, and organized aesthetic. The keys are ergonomic and there are vents everywhere. The only drawbacks are the weight and thickness of them and the clunky power brick.
    The one that I want costs just short of an even $4,000. When I get it, I doubt I'll be away from it much.

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