Pc Gamers what do you like better?

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  1. What do you think is more suitable for pc gaming? Wired mouse or Wirless? Personally I feel like the wireless mouse is abit sluggish.When im playing shooters I always turn around and see if there's anyone behind me, and I feel like the mouse is abit slow at that idk maybe its not me and not only that the batteries constantly go out.What do you guys prefer?
  2. I use a wireless Logitech mouse and the speed on it is just fine.
  3. Wired steel series sensei

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  4. Wired. Always wired. The delay on wireless is noticeable if you've been using wired tech all your life. The G400 and G400s have the best pickup I've ever felt.
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    I highly recommend checking out this video. He does a good job explaining shit like DPI, sensitivity, acceleration and calibrating.
  6. Wireless mouses just aren't an issue anymore,they used be a pain in the ass because of lousy DPI and signal retrieval. 
    I have a wired Steelseries mouse but will be getting a Wireless mouse soon. 
  7. When I used to play PC it was wired everything

    On Xbox 360 I still use wired everything. Wired controller, wired headset

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  8. I prefer wired but if you get a high quality wireless it'll work fine, just no cheap ones.
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    can be wired of wireless, has 14 programmable buttons, LED lights you can make whatever color you want and a sensitivity scale to make it perfect for your on preferences. best mouse ive ever owned, it looks great on a desk with other razer stuff
  10. Wired. I love my razer abyssus!

    Would never even consider wireless for gaming

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  11. Wired. More so for the reliability and peace of mind.
    RAT 7 is what I use.
  12. Wired. Try out the zowie ec2 or fk. I've been through multiple Logitech, steel series, and razer mice over the years and zowie make the best products by faaaaar.

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  13. Wired. No batteries? No problem!

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  14. Wired but wireless is convenient
  15. I use a wireless trackball. It works just fine

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  17. I agree, wired is the way to go.
  18. I use a wireless just because it is what I have at the moment, but I totally prefer wired!
  19. honestly, and this is coming from an old fps gamer who has used both wired and wireless mouses and heavily favored the advantages of each when i used them - wireless is better
    wired mouse sensivity and response time used to be higher but that margin has come down a lot. errors and skips and general fault with the mouse and its emitters is also at a minimum.
    what you get with wireless mouses is more control and a freedom of movement you dont get with wired mouses. you can organize or clip your wire all you want but you cant change the fact that it is there and every movement creates feedback that you can feel in your fingertips (wire movement). wireless mouses also tend to be heavier although this is more because wired mice havent been tried with heavy setups and if you learn how to use them their precision from their weight is far superior to wired mice

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