Pc Fan Vs Duct Booster?

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  1. Hello GC. I'm trying to figure out a solution to ventilate a 2x2x4 space. It is 16 cubic feet. 250w mh/hps. I need to push/pull through a carbon scrubber. I'm on a budget, so it comes down to a 200cfm pc fan I saw online, or a duct booster from Home Depot, which I believe are like 80cfm on their own. I know these are not legitimate fans for what I need. But what is better for cooling a space and pull through a carbon filter? Also it is better to push or pull air through carbon scrubber?
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    Go with whatever puts out more air since you are using MH and HPS bulbs and they get hot . Make sure it is pulling air through a carbon filter. Best way to keep things cool is to either find a small AC or leave your fan on it's higher settings (you're gonna need a speed controller for your duct booster or PC fan. some PC fans come with built in speed controllers) and run your duct to an outside source while supplementing with some clip on fans.. the latter sounds harder to setup than a simple small AC but will sav you $$ in the end. If you want to just run your fan on max you can, but some fans tend to get really noisy.
  3. Ok man thanks for helping. Is this 200cfm fan really gonna work? Or is the static pressure not enough to use with a carbon filter? I just wanna hook it up to a 12v dc power supply, as it is a 12v dc fan. Will this make it run at the max speed? And will this 200 cfm pc fan be able to push through a very small amount of ducting (say 1-3 ft)?
  4. I would go with a duct booster fan. A four inch fan, four inch filter. It will generate enough pressure to pull clean air through the filter. They can be noisy so a fan speed controller is a good option. Also get a small clip fan for added circulation.

    My fan is an Active Air inline fan and is only rated at 165cfm and does an excellent job pulling air through 4ft of ducking in a 4X2 tent. Now I only use t5s so they aremt as hot, but my tent is never above 80 (even on 107 degree days). I also run my lights at night when its a little cooler but leave my fans going 24/7.
  5. Alright man thanks, I actually might borrow money from my friend, and add to the money I have and get an inline fan. So what is the cheapest 4" inline? I have a 2x2x4 space, I saw one at 165cfm, will that cool a 250w mh/hps, circulate the air, and pull through a scrubber?
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    You'll want something with reliability. Active Air fans are moderately priced and you can get full kits with filters and ducting for around 130. I would go with this over a duct booster because I had a duct booster that failed on me within 8 months. It was cheap (25$) but it didn't last. The best fan imo is the Can Fan Maxx but I haven't seen them in less than 6". The cool thing is that they come with built in variable speed so u won't have to get a speed controller . Really most centrifugal or inlines will work great :)

    Another thing I learned was that insulated ducting can cut down temps and also the noise of the airflow. If you use a 165cfm inline fan, it should be enough to pull air through your grow . Temps are also effected by room temp , so duct out to an outside source (another room or a window) is your light source out in the open of encased in an air cooled reflector or cool tube? If it is in a air cooled reflector or a cool tube, you shouldn't have too much issues with temps as long as you keep your fan running and supplement with clip ons . But like I said , outside temps are a big factor too. Here, it is 105 degrees and can be in the low 90s even while inside (my place faces the unbearable sun) . I don't have the cash to run my AC all day so I can't grow with hps and MH during summer, the t5s work very well though :smoke:
  7. Came here to find this answer, thanks a lot man!

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