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  1. I'm getting ready to set everything up for my first grow evar... excited as a jew during Quanza. jk a bit more excited. but yea How would one go about powering a pc fan. elaboration: the pc fan has wires that lead to this thing most of you probably know what it is. But what do need to power it. I was thinking i could just strip those wired and connect them to a stripped outlet cord, but i do not want to die trying to start my grow. help a nikka out.
  2. I'll bite on this one. You need a ac/dc charger. Look for an old cell phone charger or the like. For mine I used the cord for computer speakers. You want to look to the voltage output of the cord, as well as the amperage. Once you get these two numbers, you can compare them to the fan(s) you want to connect. For example, I am running two fans. They are both 12VDC. My power source has an output of 12V, so the voltage is fine. Then, my power source has an amperage of 1A (one amp). You basically want your fan(s) to not exceed this amperage. Each one of my fans draws 0.35 amps. However, I am running two of those fans, so together they draw 0.70 amps. This is still under the one amp output of my power source, so all is well there.

    Cut the end connector off the fan(s) so you just have bare wires. Without more info, I'm assuming there are only two wires. From there, just wire them to the correct wires. Red is positive, black is negative. Your power source may not be red and black. For example, mine were both black, but one of them had conspicuous white dashes or marks on it - this is the positive. Positive to positive, negative to negative. Make sure you've got all good connections and secure them with wire nuts and/or electrical tape.

    Got it?
  3. Some pc fans have a 3rd wire, sometimes yellow, just snip it off. I was worried about that 3rd wire when i did this but its to control the speed from the motherboard if it was in a pc.
  4. thanks for the replies. its about time i get started now that i have obtained duh knowledge haha
  5. [quote name='"yohan"']thanks for the replies. its about time i get started now that i have obtained duh knowledge haha[/quote]

    No worrys bud, am always about if u need a pointer, im no pro but a do know my stuff now :)

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