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  1. Ok guys. I made my own pc fan carbon filter but I'm really disappointed. I have a Cosair pwm that's getting it's ass kicked by a regular old fan. I have the Cosair pwm on the bottum pushing air into the carbon but it's lacking power. I know it should be producing more but not sure if it's a wiring problem or a fan problem. I ordered a 3A power supply and I wired the 2 fans to it. I chose the 2 right wires ( the Cosair is a 4 pin) and they were the positive and negative so I left the other 2 alone. When connecting a 4 pin is it only required to hook up 2 wires? Or should 3 or all 4 be wired up? I'm lost. Please lend me some expertise fellas. Thanks in advance

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  2. Positive and negative are the only things needed to power a fan, other wires may be fan speed control. Black to black, red to red. Make sure the exposed wires are wound together and capped with something to prevent them from shorting. When wiring my fans, I ended up needing more power, the weaker wall chargers wouldn't get them to do anything that barely move air.
  3. test the fan with a pc power supply. I used an old 300w to power the fans in my box.
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    Convert you a old PC power supply. This is pics of min. You can run as many fans as you want on it. There's other was to wire it up so you can get 5v and 7v but I have mine running straight 12v with a on off switch. The one on top the PC is PS.. The PS inside the PC is my carbon filter with 3 fans on it and I have 2 intake fans and one fan to circulate.

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  5. firstly,  fans pull better than they push, flip your filter around.
    check your fans voltage to your drivers voltage, if its a 12v fan running at 5v well its not gonna run hard
    good luck

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